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Reviews of Discount Vacations

Discount vacations are beneficial for any traveler who wants a quality vacation that comes at an affordable price – isn’t that most of us? It’s worth looking for reviews of discount vacations for you to make your own assessments, come up with a wise decision and book that vacation with a smile on your face, knowing you have got a great price. Here is a summary of the recommendations I have found in online reviews of discount vacations to help you find a fulfilling and money saving vacation experience.

Summary of Reviews of Discount Vacations

Have you subscribed to a hotel newsletter?

One of the surprising yet logical ways suggested by reviews of discount vacations to get the lowest prices for your accommodations is to subscribe to a resort newsletter. Better still, subscribe to a hotel chain. Many discount vacation reviews recommend this so that you can be among the first few people to learn about your favorite hotel’s discounts and special promos, helping you save more money in the process. Make the effort of following a variety of different hotels and resorts on social media like Twitter and Facebook, and you will be surprised at how regularly they offer discounts.

Find Cheap Flights First!

The reviews of discount vacations I have found highly advise that you consider a vacation where budget airlines make their flights. Vacation destinations that are too far command higher priced plane fare because of the distance and time you’ll spend sitting on the plane. Budget airlines slash a great amount on their prices and this is worth considering. Better yet surf the net and look for those really cheap flights before making any plans. You can save a lot of money that you can spend buying souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Websites like Expedia and Kayak offer valuable information regarding the lowest prices on the main airlines.

Are Budget Hotels are Worth It?

Another way to keep your expenses down is considering checking in at budget hotels in your chosen destination. However, you must read as many discount vacation reviews as possible first to be sure they are not flea ridden hell holes. Reviews of discount vacations suggest considering the big discounts offered by luxury hotels instead of option for the low end budget hotels. Aside from getting premium accommodation, you might get a price not too far away from what budget hotels offer.

Timeshare Presentations Gifts

One of the big trends at the moment is to enjoy a highly discounted vacation by agreeing to attend a timeshare presentation. If you choose a reputable company, you can be sure there is no scam involved. You can stay in a real fabulous places without spending that much and all you have to do is turn up to a presentation. But hold your horses, you might find the presentation irresistible and end up availing of a timeshare!

Which is Better Last Minute or Advance Booking?

Last minute deals can be better if you’re assured of high discounts, but commonly it doesn’t stand true. Plane tickets tend to rise as the plane slowly reaches the last available seat. What can be more favorable for you, according to reviews of discount vacations are those last minute packages offered by charter tours, as they have already paid for the plane and want to fill it up. As much as possible, avoid the rush of engaging in last minute booking, instead go for the convenience of booking early. There are limited discounts offered by some airlines and by being an early bird that catches the worm, you can receive perks more than what you’ve bargained for.

Romantic Honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta

Romantic Honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta

There’s no place in the world that can match Puerto Vallarta’s romantic ambience. A magical resort town that has nature’s beauty and the sweetest of air, making it the most ideal place for that romantic honeymoon. It can be hard deciding on where to go, but considering Puerto Vallarta is one choice that lovers won’t regret. Here are five good reasons Honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta will create a dream honeymoon setting.

  1. The Cream of the Crop – Elegant living need not be hard to find. Honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta offer the most luxurious resorts, state of the art spa facilities and the most excellent dining options. Choosing Puerto Vallarta for your honeymoon brings confidence that you are in a place incomparable to paradise A wonderful vacation awaits honeymooners, where they’ll be treated like kings and queens in a magical kingdom full of wonders and amazement.
  2. The Romantic ambience seems never ending – Puerto Vallarta has captured the hearts of jet setting lovers and famous Hollywood artists since the times of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who fell in love here in the 1960s. In the race for the top honeymoon destination, this place tops it all. Everywhere you look, one can witness a touch of romance; be it in the gorgeous moon that disappears into the vast blue ocean each night, or the sunsets or the musician’ smooth tunes or the fireworks that seem to signal a passionate encounter. Whether lost at sea in each other’s arms aboard a private yacht, walking Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk or simply having a sip of your favorite wine while watching the calm waters of the sea; romance is on the menu in Puerto Vallarta. Being in Puerto Vallarta makes one fall in love, not just with your partner, but with life itself.
  3. A feel of the old and modern – One can have the best of both worlds, feeling the contemporary comforts provided by Puerto Vallarta’s luxurious resorts while the downtown has the mystique of the old Mexico. A colonial experience with the town’s façade built with cobblestone streets while the night time will treat you with the finest services and amenities that are at par with modern times.
  4. Breathtaking sceneries to behold – Lush verdant forests and thick jungles, palm lined beaches, rivers, waterfalls and botanical gardens, Puerto Vallarta has all the wonders that’ll make communion with nature fun and easy. The deep sapphire waters of Banderas Bay that stretch out to infinity, starting from its golden coasts. will leave honeymooners in total awe. With the sun shining at its glorious best, honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta stand out amongst the rest.
  5. Unforgettable moments for that unforgettable honeymoon experience – Boring is a distant word in this famed paradise destination. Many fabulous activities await couples locked in deep love and passion. Explore the sea together aboard a boat or beneath it scuba diving, experience life in the middle of the jungle or engage in a romantic escapade away from the maddening crowds with a horseback riding tour. Puerto Vallarta has it all and it will be one honeymoon experience carved by the gods.
Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas The Taco Bar

What They Don’t Tell Us About the Restaurants at Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

You can forget that New Year’s resolution when you are on vacation at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas. What they didn’t tell you when you booked your vacation to Mexico is that you will be tempted at every turn to eat something delicious. And why not? When you are on vacation in Mexico you should relax, drink, and eat delicious foods, right?

There are so many varieties of food options at Villa Del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas, you will find it hard to keep to your diet. Guests get treated like royalty when you choose the all-inclusive benefits, which includes all you can eat at the resort’s al carte restaurants. You can also choose the European Plan where you pay as you go. The Villa Del Palmar Cabo offers a dining experience that is exclusive to its guests.

Here is a brief review of each of the restaurant at Villa el Palmar Cabo.

Bella California

One of the most elegant restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cabo, the Bella California restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It offers delicious meals every day. Try any of the traditional dishes that the Bella California restaurant offers, and you will be craving for more, because it is so delicious. Bella California is located by the beach. Its décor is hip and fun, and guests will get to experience sensational sunsets, cool breezes from the Ocean, and tasty food that you can’t find anywhere else on the beach.

The Taco Bar

If you get hungry and you are in your bathing suit and flip flops, then no worries, because the Taco Bar is a casual dining establishment at the Villa Del Palmar Cabo resort. The Cabo restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dishes, which include marinated pork tacos, and traditional steak, chicken, and fish. Make sure you enjoy the yummy house salsas too. You must order a frozen margarita or cold beer to wash all the Mexican food down. The Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Taco Bar is the best Mexican food establishment, and the ocean view at El Arco is amazing.

Tortugas Sports Bar

Head over to the Tortugas Sports Bar at Villa del Palmar Cabo if you want to have the best entertainment and fun. This is a casual establishment that you can enjoy dinner and a delicious cold drink while you watch sports on one of the many televisions located there. The sports bar is open daily at one in the afternoon, which is perfect for a late lunch, and remains open until ten thirty at night.

Ice Cream Corner

If you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to just get dessert and forget about dinner. The Ice Cream Corner offers a wide variety of desserts, and cold drinks and gourmet coffees. You will feel at home if you come alone, or bring the gang with you. The best desserts can be found at the Ice Cream Corner.

Cold Calling from 18772164046 – Today Getaway

Cold Calling from 18772164046 – Today Getaway

Don’t get worried if you receive a cold caller from Today Getaway 18772164046, because they are a real-deal travel agency that operates online, and their call center contacts those looking to escape the cold weather, and come to sunny Mexico.

Today Getaway 18772164046 offers discounts on Mexico accommodations beachfront destinations. If you are fortunate to live in the United States or Canada where the airfare is affordable to Mexico, then Today Getaway 18772164046 can still help you with affordable hotel accommodations, and you can visit their website at or you can call them at 18772164046 and let them tell you about their exciting discounts for accommodations in the best cities in Mexico.

The specialists for the best and affordable accommodations in Mexico is provided by Today Getaway 18772164046. You can choose from some of the finest locations in Mexico that include Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Loreto, and Cancun. These four cities are in demand by tourists, and this travel agency can help you book those accommodations at a cheap price by calling 18772164046.

Look at the exciting destinations that only Today Getaway 18772164046 can provide an amazing prices:

  • Cancun
  • Sun seekers who are looking for sunshine all year long will enjoy coming to Cancun, as it is the Holy Grail for warm weather people. If you love water activities, then you can enjoy diving, underwater art, swimming with whale sharks and dolphins, and kayaking, then Cancun is your destination. Today Getaway 18772164046 will ensure that you have the lowest accommodations at only the best prices.

  • Loreto
  • On the beautiful Sea of Cortez is Loreto. Loreto is a tranquil destination, and you can get an outstanding offer with Today Getaway 18772164046. If you didn’t know, Loreto is also known as the hidden gem in Mexico, because it provides relaxation and peacefulness. The Islands of Loreto is the perfect vacation in Mexico that doesn’t come with a bunch of crowds. You can get your accommodations in Loreto with Today Getaway 18772164046, and you will have an affordable, peaceful vacation.

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • The ultimate romantic vacation awaits you in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast, and there are many exciting and romantic things to see and do. The releasing of the turtles occurs each week on the Banderas Bay beaches, and you can go to these exclusive beaches by boat. The turtle releases occur summer through fall. One of Mexico’s friendliest and exciting cities is Puerto Vallarta. You can get affordable accommodations at the best hotels with Today Getaway 18772164046.

    Anytime you are ready to relax in the sun, have an exciting adventure in Mexico, then contact Today Getaway 18772164046, and they will provide you with the cheapest rates available.

    Top 5 Errors to avoid on vacation in Mexico

    Top 5 Errors to avoid on vacation in Mexico

    Who hasn’t heard the saying “what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico”? No-one would dispute the fact that Mexico is a wonderful place to vacation in; but, like any country in the world, it has it’s do’s and don’ts when it comes to safety and security. Here’s a list of the top 5 things not to do when vacation in Mexico, but if we’re honest number 1 should stand no matter what country you’re in.

    1. DON’T ever insult a Mexican’s mother
    2. This might seem obvious, and of course mothers in all countries should be treated with respect and dignity, but in Mexico in particular mothers are honored. If you insult a Mexican’s mother then you are very likely to find yourself in trouble that you’d want to avoid.

    3. DON’T do things you wouldn’t usually do at home
    4. Just because you’re away from the restraints and responsibilities of home doesn’t mean you should change your code of conduct in any way. Even if you don’t know the language, the police and the law are still there to protect you and the residents of the country, so ignorance is no defence against the laws of the land.

    5. DON’T work!
    6. Leave your laptop at home, switch off your work cell phone and take time to relax, you are on vacation in Mexico to have a great time! There is another meaning to this one, however; working in Mexico illegally is not a good idea because you could find yourself in serious, and costly, trouble.

    7. DON’T leave a restaurant without tipping
    8. This isn’t illegal, obviously, but is rude and frowned upon; not all people who work in the service industry get a wage, and if they do it’s very low and they depend on tips. Even if you can’t afford to leave a big one, make sure you leave something! In most tourist areas in Mexico, between 15-20% is customary.

    9. DON’T Swim in the sea when the red flag is up
    10. Most of the main tourist beaches in Mexico are safe for swimming and playing in all the time, but mother-nature has her own plan and sometimes you’ll see a red flag up. When you do, please don’t go swimming; red flags indicate that the current is particularly strong and you could end up being swept out to sea.

    Honeymoon in cancun

    Why Choose Cancun for Your Honeymoon

    Why choose Cancun for your honeymoon? Cancun and the Riviera Maya are always excellent locations for a honeymoon, so much so that you can’t help but get excited. If you are wanting to know why you should choose Cancun for your honeymoon, then here are just five top reasons to choose Cancun for your honeymoon location.

    1. Breathtaking Beaches
    2. Some of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches are located on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. The ocean waters are clear and blue, the palm trees gently sway on the white sands, and the beauty that is provided in Cancun will have you and your new spouse mesmerized and swept away.

    3. Outstanding Excursions
    4. If you have selected Cancun for your honeymoon, then you will be able to find outstanding excursions that are designated for honeymooners. It is important that as a new couple you experience things together. Together you can experience magical and outstanding excursions in the city and outside of the city of Cancun. Take plenty of pictures, so you can show and share your experiences with family and friends. If you want to really experience Cancun while on your honeymoon, then make sure you visit the ancient Mayan ruins that Cancun is known for along with taking an ocean adventure.

    5. Price is Low
    6. One of the main benefits of having a honeymoon in Cancun is the prices are lower. The dollar to peso ratio is great, and you will be able to enjoy Cancun without going over your budget. Cancun flights are priced lower, even though it is the number one honeymoon destination and location that everyone wants to visit on vacation. The flights are low, so you will be able to spend the money you have saved for Cancun on shopping and having fun.

      Along with low airfares, you will be able to get an affordable resort that is a five star that is offered for honeymoon couples. The first way to get these low priced accommodations you should visit the website to see what type of romantic honeymoon accommodations the five star resorts are offering. Many of these resorts offer relaxing spa packages, and exclusive romantic dinners for the married couple. These are just a couple perks.

    7. Amazing Hospitality
    8. The Cancun locals provide amazing hospitality in typical Mexican style. Around every corner you will see a smiling face. The city is known for tourism and amazing hospitality. You may be surprised to know that you and your new spouse will find new and amazing friends in places you least expect to. Quickly, the bartender will know your favorite drink and the story of your life. The staff at the hotel will be able to contact your favorite taxi driver who knows the locations you like to visit. The residents are super friendly in Mexico, and while you are on your honeymoon you will be amazed at the hospitality and friendliness that is shown to you and your spouse.

    Camel Ride Cabo San Lucas

    Tips for the Best Day Out in Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most enduringly popular, and outstandingly beautiful, vacation spots. The Baja California peninsula benefits from a staggeringly good climate, breath-taking landscape, and some of the clearest, cleanest waters around. With that said, however, there is so much more to than just laze on the fantastic beaches.

    Have a look at some of the best activities and days out available in Cabo san Lucas, with our top tips for the best day out in Cabo San Lucas.


    For the best day out in Cabo San Lucas for adventure seekers, zip-lining comes top of the list. If you’re an adrenaline junkie then this is for you; though it’s completely safe it’s definitely a hair raising experience! You’ll find yourself flying above the canopies, mountains, rivers, and canyons of Baja California attached to a taut wire.

    Whale watching

    From November to March every year the coasts of Cabo san Lucas become home to whales of many species, and there are plenty of companies who will be willing to help you get close to these majestic animals! These memories will last a lifetime. Certainly a great day out in Cabo San Lucas.

    Camel rides and tours

    The virgin desert in Baja California is best explored on the back of a camel! This is an unforgettable and unique experience which you won’t regret. The stunning flora and fauna of the area can be seen in these tours.

    Camel Ride Cabo San Lucas

    El Arco (Lands End)

    Undoubtedly the most iconic landmark in the area, El Arco is enduringly popular with tourists. Taking a trip to Lands End is pretty easy and you have quite a few options; you can charter a luxury yacht or water taxi to get you to the rock formation. Or you can take a guided tour. Either way, you can lounge of Lovers Beach once you get there! The best day out in Cabo San Lucas!

    Beach Day

    No vacation in Cabo San Lucas would be complete without a lazy day on the beach! The beaches in the area are truly amazing, and whether you’re on a secluded beach or on a popular beach near the bars and nightlife of Cabo you’ll have a great day. You can swim, snorkel and dive from many of the beaches in Cabo san Lucas so you don’t need to worry about being bored, either!

    New Career in Mexico

    How about a New Career in Mexico?

    How would you like to start a new career on the sun soaked shores of Mexico? If you really would then you’ve, coincidentally or deliberately, landed on the right blog post. If you’d like a job in Puerto Vallarta, the Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Cabo san Lucas, or the Islands of Loreto then this post has the information you need.

    Life and the standard of living you can expect in Mexico is good. Though some media outlets and the press show only the negative it’s key to remember that this is non-representative and generally doesn’t concern the coastal expat and tourist areas. The cost of living in Mexico is lower, too, so you can expect to live well for less in the long run.

    Starting a New Career in Mexico

    The main thing you need to know about starting a new life and career in Mexico is that a plan is essential. Do you want to start a new business, or are you happy to work for someone else? Would you prefer a wage based job, or would you be happy to work on commission (a happy medium between self-employment and traditional employment)? The problem with starting your own business is that you’ll need to speak good Spanish and have a decent amount of money to get you started. Even if this was your end goal you should consider the possibility of working in a commission based role to begin with; this would allow you to improve your Spanish, save some money, and make some connections before going out on a limb!

    How to Find a Job?

    The current immigration laws in Mexico mean that it’s best to have a job lined up before you get to Mexico. This is another reason why commission based work can be a great way to get your foot in the door; most of the commission based positions open to English speaking foreigners are in timeshare promotion positions where telephone and skype interviews are common.

    Villa Group for a New Career in Mexico

    The Villa Group offers a huge number of sales opportunities for those who want to start a new life in Mexico. Within this company there is immense scope for growth and promotion, and what’s more your earning will be in your own hands. Sales representatives are among some of the best paid jobs because they tend to be commission based and, as such, there is no real limit on what you can earn. Fill out the online survey at to see if a job with the Villa Group is for you and you’ll get a Skype interview to help you iron out the details.

    Why Choose a New Career in Mexico?

    Your motives are of course your own, and every applicant is different, but most who wish to move tend to have the same desire to live and work in the sun, near the sea. It is the landscape, and the beauty of Mexico that draw in so many people and it’s easy to see why; living and working in one of the most beautiful places on earth is a desire many share.

    Cabo Pulmo

    Recommended Cabo Parks

    The following recommendations for visiting Cabo parks will allow you to explore the best parks in Cabo San Lucas. The luscious greenery at the parks will be the first thing you will see. Cabo San Lucas has a lot of gardens, nature reserves and gardens.

    Cabo San Lucas

    Town SquareAvenida Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas, 23410, Mexico, MX

    Close to downtown Cabo San Lucas on the north side of the city is the Town Square. This park is a small park, but the beauty is large. The park has big oak trees that provide shade for those hot, sunny days. You will often see residents and tourists relaxing at the park under the trees and even having a picnic.

    Wirikuta Botanical ParkPuerto Los Cabos, Los Cabos

    Visitors can enjoy a desert garden with nearly two thousand desert plants along with a million plants here at the Wirikuta Botanical Park. The park honors all cactus along with the traditions and cultures of the people of Mexico. One amazing feature is the three granite boulder pyramids that are located here. This park has acres of beautiful desert plants.

    Cabo Pulmo National ParkHighway 1, National Park, San Josedel Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, 23400, Mexico, MX

    This park is in San Jose, but it is just a short drive from Cabo San Lucas. The Cabo Pulmo National Park has a lot of fun activities and attractions for visitors, but one main thing to do is diving and snorkeling in the crystal blue waters where you can see coral and many species of fish and ocean life. This park is a great place to experience the beauty of the sea up-close.

    Cabo Pulmo

    San Jose’s Bird SanctuaryPaseo San Jose, San Josedel Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, 23400, Mexico, MX

    The San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary is perfect for bird lovers. Twitchers can watch the pelicans, migrating birds, and exotic rare birds. In the park you can enjoy kayaking or stop by the visitor’s area to see a list of exciting activities to do at the sanctuary.

    Desert Park Natural ReserveHighway 1, Melia Cabo Real, Cabo San Lucas, 23410, Mexico, MX

    This park in the Cabo San Lucas Corridor is more rugged and wild for that all natural adventure. The views are breathtaking. You can see the mountains, the desert, and the sea is within view too. There are guided tours that take you out on an ATV 4-wheeler. The tour can last upwards to three hours, and the cost can range from $50 thru $75. The reserve is open each day at nine, but it does close at five. There is no cost to enter the reserve.

    What should I take to Mexico on vacation

    What should I take to Mexico on vacation?

    When you begin to plan your vacation to beautiful Mexico you should start a ‘to do’ list. The ‘to do’ list will remind you what you need to take with you to Mexico on vacation, and depending on the vacation that you will be taking in Mexico is what will decide the items you will be taking.

    If I am going on vacation to a beach in Mexico, what should I pack?

    Beach Vacations

    Are you going to vacation at one of the popular beach locations in Mexico for just one week, two of longer? What should you plan on packing? If the beach locations that you will be vacationing are in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, then you don’t have to worry too much about your packing, because there are plenty of malls, stores or a pharmacy that you can pick up any items that you forget.

    In fact, you should plan on packing very light, so you have plenty of room in your suitcase for souvenirs. You can pick up beach t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, and all kinds of neat items that will remind you of your trip to Mexico. Mexico is also renowned for stunning pottery, textiles and other types of folkart.

    What should I take to Mexico on vacation

    If I am going to vacation backpacking in Mexico, what should I pack?

    A backpacking Mexico vacation is different packing than a beach vacation. You will want to pack items to meet the weather conditions that occur in the Northern Mountains in Mexico. The beach weather is warm and humid while the mountains are cool and sometimes wet, which will require warmer outfits and gear. One easy thing to do is wear several layers of outfits along with waterproof items. A raincoat is a great thing to pack along with hiking boots or shoes, but don’t forget to pack a pair of sandals or flip flops, just in case you have to shower in a public shower. You will also want to pack a towel, because many of the backpacker style hotels don’t supply towels or shampoo.

    Necessary items to bring on a Mexico Vacation

    Daily medication that will last you the entire time of your vacation such as; inhalers, birth control, blood pressure, and any EpiPens. The pharmacies in Mexico may not carry the brand of your medication, so you should always bring enough with you.
    Magazines, books, and a tablet that is in English. If you have to purchase any of these reading materials in Mexico, then you will pay more money for them to be written in English.

    Sunscreen and lotions. If you are allergic to lotions or sunscreen, then you should make sure you bring your own, because these items may not be easily found in Mexico.