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What’s the truth about Discount Vacation Hotels Scams?

In all honesty, after some research and consideration, the truth is that there is no scam at Discount Vacation Hotels.

Many people may look at the deals Discount Vacation Hotels offer on all inclusive and room only stays in some of Mexico’s best hotels and think that it looks too good to be true. And, of course, what looks too good to be true usually is. In the case of Discount Vacation Hotels, however, it is very much the ‘real deal’.

How can Discount Vacation Hotels provide such cheap packages?

Discount Vacation Hotels is able to offer you amazing deals for two main reasons. The first is that they only offer vacations in Mexico. Discount Vacation Hotels offer vacations in places like the Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun and all agents have first-hand knowledge of the resorts and places on offer. You can easily ask the Discount Vacation Hotels agent for information and feel safe that they are talking from first-hand experience. If you are still sceptical, however, you can take note of the hotels mentioned when you make a reservation with your agent and do your own research to verify the information!

What’s the truth about Discount Vacation Hotels Scams?

The second and main reason why Discount Vacation Hotels are able to offer such cheap packages is that when you arrive at your destination in Mexico, you’ll be asked to sit through a sales presentation. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything but all who purchase a discount vacation from Discount Vacation Hotels will be required to attend a presentation upon their arrival. It’s an intrinsic part of the deal. However, you needn’t worry; if you don’t wish to buy anything, the price you paid for your holiday will NOT change, nor will you be treated any differently.

Discount Vacation Hotels is not a Scam

When these reasons are considered it is quite clear that Discount Vacation Hotels is not a scam at all; they simply offer discounted prices and have an incentive to do so. Of course it is always natural and wise to be wary when buying vacations on the internet but Discount Vacation Hotels is one of the rare real deals available!

Cabo San Lucas: Mexico’s Top Honeymoon Destination

The luxury hideaway of many celebrities and Hollywood A-listers, Cabo San Lucas knows how to deliver exceptional beach honeymoons. You gain the best of privacy and exclusivity coupled with a great range of excursions, hotels and stunning natural beauty.

Hotels and Resorts

Cabo San Lucas is populated with hotels and resorts from the best chains in the world. You will find a host of all inclusive, room only and timeshare options to match any budget. Not all hotels have direct access to a sandy beach, so it is worth checking exactly where your resort is in relation to the sea and a sandy beach.

Natural Scenery

Renowned for its diverse natural scenery, Cabo San Lucas boasts desert, mountains and an amazing sandy coastline all in one destination. One of its most notable beauty spots is El Arco (Land’s End), which is a huge arch that has been sculpted by the tides. Honeymooners will certainly want a photograph taken in front of it.


There are lots of activities on offer for couples on their honeymoon, from romantic boat trips, whale and sea lion tours, swimming with the dolphins, zip lining, ATV tours and the like. Most activities are easily arranged by the concierge or tour agent at your hotel, or you can book with an reputable agent in town. There simply won’t be a dull moment on your honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas.


Whether or not you have booked an all inclusive deal, room only or are renting a timeshare condo, there are lots of options for eating out in Cabo San Lucas. There are many top international and national cuisine restaurants to tempt honeymooners. It is also worth asking your hotel to organize a special honeymoon meal on the beachfront as a special memory of your first vacation as husband and wife.