Presentation Scams for Timeshare in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a pretty safe Mexican beach destination when it comes to timeshare scams, especially presentation scams. There are currently no reported presentation scams to beware of, although you can never be too careful. This article is going to outline some of the potential presentation scams you could encounter in Cabo and ways to safeguard yourself.

The first point of contact with a timeshare presentation in Cabo is your key indication of whether you are heading towards a presentation scam or not. In Cabo San Lucas, there are only certain licensed areas where you can be legitimately approached by a timeshare street promoter. For example, the airport is a legitimate place where you may be approached by a promoter from a genuine timeshare company, although they will be within an official area. Do not trust any promoter who approaches you outside of the airport or in a taxi on your way to your Cabo resort.

Certain restaurants, stores, art gallery and cafes in Cabo San Lucas may be granted as authorized locations for timeshare promoters to operate. In these case you can expect to see identification that indicates they have permission to work on the street. Save yourself from a presentation scam by avoiding anyone who suspiciously approaches at a Cabo bus stop, on the beach, inside a general convenience store or walking down a street without any stores or restaurants. Most genuine timeshare promoters in Cabo San Lucas will have an official stand or be able to show you identification.

Once you have arrived to the timeshare presentation in Cabo, you can also tell if you are likely to be scammed. Never trust a resort that does not take you to the resort being sold to you. Be very suspicious if you are being sold from photographs, or the seller from a genuine company wants to meet you elsewhere to close the deal. Always sign your contract at the resort where you are going to buy the timeshare in Cabo to avoid any potential fraudulent transactions.

Finally, you can smell a scam from the kind of gift you are being offered to attend a timeshare presentation in Cabo. Over the top gifts are likely to be a scam of some sort, whether that be a really hard sale tactic, paying “taxes” to receive the gift or an over the odds postage charge. Realistic gifts like discounts, vouchers, free excursions or discounted tours are standard kinds of free gifts offered by reputable companies. You may also find some time share companies may offer discounted vacation accommodation to attract you to visit the resort before you buy.



One thought on “Presentation Scams for Timeshare in Cabo San Lucas

  1. Chris

    Promised $400US, massages, car rentals, fish foot spa, we decided to venture upon this presentation at the luxurious Pedregal property of La Vista. We are seasoned time share presentation attendees as well as happy owners at Grand Solmar and this is not, by far, our first rodeo. We had been forewarned that this place was a scam but against our better judgment, proceeded. We were greeted by “John Warner” who told us we would not qualify for our “gifts” because we are in the process of purchasing a new home, closing next week, and we were afraid to do anything that might mess up our mortgage committment. Breakfast was a disgusting slop that was served in a more than pitiful area, and nobody else was in there. He told us he would take us on a “courtesy tour” to see a room. It did not end there. We were escorted to “the room ” where we then encountered 2 other people trying to push their product. When i asked why they were going thru all the procedure sales pitches when we were told it was only going to be a room tour, the woman, Dalia, winked and told us not to worry we would still get our gifts if we “push us”. We figured that meant the typical banter back and forth. So we sat for 3 more hours listening to their crap thinking $$$signs and car rental etc. After the usual attempted squeeze, all the amazing offers they could possibly imagine to throw at us… free weeks, plane fare, a book full of free trips massages, even to move us over to there for the remainder of our trip…we continued to say NO because of our mortgage situation. “John” then said he would finance us through Mexico, nobody would know. He had a plan that would work for us. Now we are totally assuming that since there was a way around our mortgage situation, we will have survived positively the presentation, get our gifts, and run. In the end, all the happy faces turned into the devil and they did not give us our stuff. They basically threw us out, would not even pay for our cab back to our hotel, and ended up with this shitty reviews all over the internet. After researching this La Vista we realized it is a total scam, taking on a new name from old busted time share hotels. Please dont waste your time. The place is so not worth it. By the way Dalia spoke perfect English but her “push us” actually translated to “purchase” with a Mexican accent. My husband and i are not senile or deaf. DONT DO IT!


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