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Destinations for Beach Vacations in Mexico

What do the best destinations for beach vacations in Mexico all have in common? Well, the first thing has to be beaches, right? Then weather, gastronomy, great hotels and a variety of attractions and activities. So lets take a look at the top Mexico destinations for beach vacations according to these criteria:

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Tips for Savings on a Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

The resorts at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico are so tempting that you can easily end up spending way beyond your budget; so here are some tips for savings on a vacation in Puerto Vallarta.
The first of my tips for savings on a vacation in Puerto Vallarta is to do your research well on discount vacation hotels which will be cheaper in the off-season, which is generally from May through October.

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Honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta Mexico are very popular and are a great choice no matter what your honeymoon budget. You will also find a great range of hotels and luxury resorts with honeymoon registries that can facilitate that your wedding guests contribute to your honeymoon savings pot and make paying for your Honeymoon in Mexico easier. There are a number of top vacation spots in Mexico that are perfect for a honeymoon vacation, of which Puerto Vallarta stands out as one of the most

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beach rentals puerto vallarta

Vacation Properties and Beach Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

The market for buying vacation property and beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is extremely healthy and is a great investment no matter what you budget. There are many reasons why Puerto Vallarta is an ideal location for investing in properties for beach rentals, as explained below.

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Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta: Popular Family Resorts

There are fewer more desirable destinations for a family vacation than Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The Pacific Coast playground has beautiful safe, clean beaches, a great array of activities on land and on sea, delicious restaurants for all budgets and a perfect setting. Walking the boardwalk (The Malecon) at sunset, exploring Marina Vallarta, visiting the plaza and the town’s charming church and enjoying the street performers at Los Arcos

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