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Real Estate in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit

If you have arrived to this blog post, then you are most probably in the process of planning a move to Mexico, whether for the winters, for vacations or permanently. Making the move to live in Mexico is a big decision, but one that many have made before you successfully. Choosing the right place in Mexico to live that suits your tastes and lifestyle is one of the first and most important things you need to consider before looking into real estate.

Moving to Live in Mexico

Many people of all ages from Canada, the United States and Europe choose to live (and work) in Mexico. The allure of Mexico for retirement is particularly strong as the lifestyle is much more laid back and cheaper than back home. Many can afford to live a better standard of life on their pensions in Mexico, while getting home to visit family is relatively cheap with the increase of budget airlines and reasonably priced airfares on the major airlines.

Benefits of Location

Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico on Banderas Bay, North of Puerto Vallarta and east of Punta Mita. It is a sleepy fishing village that has long been a popular haunt of expats, and as such is packed with great little restaurants, cafes and bars, in addition to one of the finest beaches in the area – one long stretch of sand and great ocean for bathing. Here you will fit in as one of the locals within easy reach of Puerto Vallarta International Airport just 30 minutes away.

Types of Real Estate in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit

You can find many different types of real estate in Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit, from fractional condos, to full ownership mansions, from one bedroom studios to villas on the seafront. Your budget will guide the type of real estate in Bucerías that you can afford, but in general, you will find all kinds of options. Fractional and full ownership real estate opportunities within hotel complexes is a popular choice to the south of Bucerias towards Nuevo Vallarta where the luxury hotels are located.

Advantages of Price

Mexico in generally is much cheaper than other countries for luxury beachfront real estate; therefore, you are very likely to find a great price in Bucerías, Nayarit at a price you can afford.

    Riviera Nayarit timeshare at Villa del Palmar

    Why buy Riviera Nayarit timeshare at Villa del Palmar?

    Riviera Nayarit, on the coast of Mexico, is one of those enduringly popular locations that never seems to go out of style. This is because of its unique blend of sunshine, pristine beaches, warm, safe waters, rich culture, and varied opportunities for entertainment. Pleasure seekers, and thrill seekers alike will feel at home in the Riviera Nayarit, and the Villa del Palmar Flamingos resort aims to offer the best possible home away from home for those who wish to visit regularly.

    Riviera Nayarit Timeshare Membership at the Villa del Palmar

    Membership at Villa del Palmar is a truly great investment, especially if you intend to stay in the Riviera Nayarit’s Flamingos resort! The Villa del Palmar Flamingos resort is one of the very best family resorts in the area and has been voted on TripAdvisor amongst the top 24 family hotels in Mexico for 2014. This could be because of its elegant accommodations, wonderful restaurants, clean swimming pools, world class spa, and direct access to a safe, secure beach!

    Cuisine at your Riviera Nayarit timeshare

    There are three gourmet restaurants on site at Villa del Palmar Flamingos for members to enjoy, as well as poolside snacks, and the Palmita deli.

    Riviera Nayarit timeshare at Villa del Palmar

    The Beach at your Riviera Nayarit Timeshare

    Riviera Nayarit is renowned for its beaches, and Nuevo Vallarta (where the Flamingos resort is) is famed for having one of the longest, and best kept, sandy beaches in the area. The beach adjacent to Villa del Palmar Flamingos is safe for swimming (though the currents are strong, so you venture far out at your own risk) and clean. You could even see some turtles as they come to lay their eggs on the sand.

    Resort Facilities and Activities

    The Villa del Palmar Flamingos resort has a wonderful lagoon styled, multi-levelled pool which is a great attraction for kids and adults alike. There are plenty of sun loungers for those who wish to bask in the sun with a good book, as well as a fitness centre, a mini-market, and a conference room! This is all in addition to the free activities and games that take place all around the resort every day!

    Tatewari Spa

    The Tatewari Spa is truly world class, and represents a stunning example of zen design, and luxury. It is undoubtedly the perfect place to spend a happy afternoon with a relaxing massage, invigorating facial, or detox mud mask!

    There are many reasons why you should buy a Riviera Nayarit timeshare at Villa del Palmar.

    Romantic Mexican Destinations for Valentine's - Islands of Loreto

    Romantic Mexican Destinations for Valentine’s

    If you are looking for adventure, culture and a romantic setting for Valentine’s Day this year, then Mexico could be just what you are seeking. Valentine’s Day in Mexico is a wonderful way to show that special person that you love them. Top of the list for Mexican destinations for Valentine’s are those beach resorts on the stunning sunny coastline of Mexico. Destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, the Islands of Loreto and Cancun are certainly among the most romantic places you could choose in Mexico for a Valentine’s getaway.

    Here you will see what each of these places has to offer Valentine’s lovers:

    • Cabo San Lucas
    • Romantic Mexican Destinations for Valentine's - Cabo San Lucas

      One of the reasons that Cabo San Lucas is such as romantic choice for Valentine’s Day in Mexico is that February is teeming with whales. Humpback whales, and sometimes killer whales, are common from December through March, with February being one of the best months for multiple sightings. A romantic whale watching tour is a great choice for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas.

    • Puerto Vallarta
    • Romantic Mexican Destinations for Valentine's - Puerto Vallarta

      Puerto Vallarta is romantic any time of the year. Sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are guaranteed from Banderas Bay and a romantic dinner or cocktail for two on the beach will make the perfect Valentine’s setting. Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its gourmet cuisine, listed second only to Mexico City for gastronomy.


    • Cancun and Riviera Maya
    • Romantic Mexican Destinations for Valentine's - Cancun

      You simply can’t beat the colors in Cancun’s Caribbean setting. Turquoise, translucent sea, white sands, palm trees and great hotels make Cancun a place for Valentine’s lovers to return year after year. There are some unique activities you can undertake on Valentine’s Day too, like a visit to a cenote (freshwater sinkholes) where you can snorkel, swim or dive. Most cenotes are surrounded by jungle, which gives your Valentines’ day out a fairytale atmosphere.

    • The Islands of Loreto
    • Romantic Mexican Destinations for Valentine's - Islands of Loreto

      The Islands of Loreto make an idyllic Valentine’s treat. It is a fabulous Valentine’s destination for snorkeling and diving in the protected biosphere that surrounds the Islands of Loreto. The Sea of Cortez becomes a natural aquarium while the town center of Loreto is a romantic gem.

    Villa La Estancia Real Estate in Nuevo Vallarta

    Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta

    Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta constitute the cream of the crop when it comes to the Villa Group’s accommodations and real estate opportunities. Villa La Estancia has locations in Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas, both of which offer incredible real estate opportunities amidst the year-round sunshine of Mexico!

    Here’s a quick summary of the advantages that come with buying a Villa La Estancia property in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit.

    Great Locations and Weather

    Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta all have great beach-front locations and large terraces so that you can take in every sunset like it were part of some fantasy novel. Plus all the Villa La Estancia Residences are located on the grounds of a five star resort and, as such, owners get to enjoy all the benefits that come with first class services, an incredible spa and exceptional resort facilities including gourmet restaurants.

    Perhaps the best thing about the location of these residences is the year round good weather that Mexico is pretty much guaranteed.

    Feel at Home!

    Any owner at Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta will have the benefit of enjoying all the hotel’s facilities including the pools, restaurants, decks and private access beach! Residents are treated like treasured guests at home among people who know you and your name.

    Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta

    Only the Best of Everything

    All Villa La Estancia Residences have the latest creature comforts, gadgets and amenities to makes sure that life at your luxury home away from home in Nuevo Vallarta is as easy as possible. Likewise the design and décor of all residences is of a high-quality and polish; everything is designed to the best possible taste and highest standards.

    Affordability and Equity.

    While the cost of luxury and exclusivity is never cheap, Villa La Estancia Residences in Nuevo Vallarta are reasonably priced according to local market forces. Add to this the fact that full or fractional ownership allows for the appreciation of equity.

    Great transport links.

    Your Villa La Estancia home in Nuevo Vallarta is only half an hour from Puerto Vallarta airport, so you don’t need to worry about long journeys and getting up super early to catch a flight to arrive to your residence in paradise before nightfall!

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos Timeshare Vacation

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos Timeshare Vacation

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations are a great investment for families and couples alike. The Villa Group timeshare division offers excellent value for money and top facilities in Mexico’s top vacation destinations, with Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Riviera Nayarit on the Pacific Coast being no exception. So, what does Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations have in store for you?

    Top Resort Facilities

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations are a great investment thanks to the excellent quality of resort facilities that you will enjoy. Villa del Palmar Flamingos is located on a stunning stretch of sandy beach in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit where swimming is safe and the water temperature is pleasant.

    The resort is formed in a large horseshoe shape and centered around a number of large outdoor pools with fun slides for kids and restaurants. Villa del Palmar Flamingos is like its own self contained paradise with everything that you need for a wonderful timeshare vacation.

    The Tatwari Spa on site is another reason why Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations compete with the very best in vacation ownership. The spa offers luxurious facilities and expert therapists with a hydrotherapy circuit that will leave you blissfully relaxed.

    The restaurants are another feature of Villa del Palmar Flamingos’ top resort facilities. A la carte dining abounds with gourmet options and 24 hour room service.

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos Timeshare Vacation

    Excellent Standard of Accommodation

    Perhaps the key selling point for Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations are the suites you will enjoy when you become a Villa Group member. The units at Villa del Palmar Flamingos are large and airy with elegant interiors and cooking facilities. Even in the smallest units, you will enjoy access to a kitchenette to prepare light snacks. The most popular Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacation units are the one and two bedroom suites that have full kitchens, and living areas, just a like a luxury apartment. It is not unusual for visitors to comment that their timeshare suite is bigger than their apartment back home!

    Superb Location

    Another reason why Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations are so attractive for visitors from abroad is its ideal location. Just 30 minutes from another top destination, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit boasts a stunning beach in a safe clean environment. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on land and sea and you will not have a dull day at your Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare. For bars and nightlife, Puerto Vallarta is close at hand, for nature and adventure the Sierra Madre mountains awaits. The choice is yours!

    Opportunities for Exchanges

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacation ownership also means that you receive all the benefits offered to Villa Group members. That is, you can stay in any of the Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico using your Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare membership privileges. Other destinations that you may wish to try are Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Loreto. For international exchanges, your Villa del Palmar Flamingos timeshare vacations are eligible to be swapped using the services of Interval International.

    Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta: Popular Family Resorts

    There are fewer more desirable destinations for a family vacation than Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The Pacific Coast playground has beautiful safe, clean beaches, a great array of activities on land and on sea, delicious restaurants for all budgets and a perfect setting. Walking the boardwalk (The Malecon) at sunset, exploring Marina Vallarta, visiting the plaza and the town’s charming church and enjoying the street performers at Los Arcos

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    Best All Inclusive – Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta sit up high with the world’s best locations for all-inclusive vacations. Packed with a host of excellent all-inclusive resorts and hotels, you can’t go wrong choosing Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive.

    A long stretch from its sleepy fishing village beginnings, Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings in Nuevo Vallarta have evolved over the last few decades to become a top all-inclusive destination that competes with the world’s best. Packed with tours, adventures and day trips for both land and sea lovers, there is no end to the natural beauty you will discover in addition to endless relaxation. You could find yourself snorkeling at Los Arcos marine reserve, flying along zip lines through verdant tropical jungle or enjoying a leisurely sunset on the Malecon (boardwalk) – you will be spoiled by the choices you will have to make your all-inclusive vacation spectacular.

    The beaches in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are what makes this destination so popular for all-inclusive packages. A long coastline of yellow sandy beaches, certified for their cleanliness and safety await visitors while the bay naturally protects swimmers from dangerous currents and tides. There are many spots, especially in front of the hotels, where it is good for swimming, as well as areas where you can body-board and surf.

    Puerto Vallarta’s all-inclusive vacation options are suitable for all types of visitors: Families, groups of friends and couples looking for complete relaxation. The great thing about Puerto Vallarta is that all-inclusive packages are a choice – there are plenty of excellent restaurants for you to try and the nightlife is great too. Puerto Vallarta is very safe, despite what you hear about other parts of Mexico on the news and you do not have to hide yourself away in an all-inclusive resort, unless you wish to! In fact, you would be forgiven for doing so, as the all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta are of such a high standard, you may not have any desire to venture into town.

    Puerto Vallarta has a range of all-inclusive packages for different budgets from ultra-luxury to great family value. No matter how much you want to spend there is an all-inclusive deal with your name on it!


    Villa del Palmar Flamingos – Nuevo Vallarta Time-share

    Nuevo Vallarta is a great location to buy a time-share, close to Puerto Vallarta and set within the acclaimed Riviera Nayarit. Villa del Palmar Flamingos is a Villagroup time-share complex located in the popular hotel zone in Nuevo Vallarta offering both European Plans and all inclusive packages to guests and time-share owners.


    Riviera Nayarit in Mexico has become very popular over the last decade for visitors arriving from the USA and Canada, primarily because is it a destination with guaranteed good weather, great beaches, good accessibility and it is safe. The whole Riviera Nayarit is dedicated to tourism, promoting idyllic vacations and amazing resorts and hotels. It has become a popular place amongst those looking to invest in timeshare properties, especially families and couples. As a time-share destination it has lots of offer as you could return year after year and find something new and exciting to keep you entertained. Fights are also cheap, with many direct routes from major cities.

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos Facilities

    The facilities and installations at Villa del Palmar Flamingos are impressive, with elegant architecture and open spaces for loungers and socializing. The huge swimming pool takes center focus and the resort boasts direct access to the beach, which is safe for swimming and continues for miles.

    The restaurants are also commended for their first class cuisine; guests and timeshare owners can opt for both all inclusive packages or European plans. You can enjoy waiter service by the pool and on the beach for light snacks and drinks as well as organize a romantic dinner for two on the beach through the Concierge.

    Time-share reviews of Villa del Palmar Flamingos frequently comment on the great services and treatments received at the Tatwari Spa, which is one of the beach resort’s finest attributes. The world class spa offers guests and timeshare residents the choice of massages, wraps, facials, hair treatments and mani-pedicures. The full equipped gym will also help keep away the vacation pounds.

    The Suites at Villa el Palmar Flamingos

    Owning a time-share at Villa el Palmar Flamingos, is a pleasure. They are large spacious units with wonderful attention to detail and great taste. The units that come with kitchens are particularly spacious and big enough for a whole family to live in comfortably. It really is like purchasing a second home. Each timeshare property has its own private balcony or terrace, even at entry level and you will find them to be much bigger than standard hotel rooms. You really get excellent value for money when you purchase a Villa del Palmar Flamingos time-share unit.

    What to do in Nuevo Vallarta

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos has the advantage of being in the perfect location for golf lovers as it is surrounded by a choice of golf courses. Likewise you will be spoiled by the options for adventure tours into the mountains or off the beaten track. The ocean also offers a host of wonders to discover, especially if you arrive from November through March during the whale watching season. In the summer months, it is great to scuba dive and snorkel in the warm waters. With so many activities, you will come back year after year to be amazed that there are still things you have yet to experience in the area.

    Villa del Palmar Flamingos Timeshare from Anna Cooper on Vimeo.


    Standards for Mexican Beaches

    Tourists visiting Mexico’s famous beautiful beaches will be pleased to hear that a certification program is currently in progress to provide guidance and regulation to the quality of the public beaches. The Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification (IMNC) regulates and classifies the beaches in Mexico giving certification to those beaches that meet all the specifications for the standard NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2006, which takes into consideration the quality of the beach, its cleanliness, water quality, wastewater disposal in the area, vegetation, conservation of the environment and more. Only those beaches that meet these high standards are given official certification.

    This year, 2013, 10 beaches in Jalisco and Nayarit were give the prestigious certification and the states were commended for leading the way for other states to follow suit. In Puerto Vallarta, 4 beaches were were given the coveted certificate, while in Nuevo Vallarta, there were 6.

    The certification process is carried out by accredited teams who visit the beaches to make their own impartial assessments and to ensure that the beaches are meeting the strict criteria in order to receive certification. What this means is that the standards of all the beaches in the area are rising to try and meet the high specifications of the IMNC.


    5 Reasons to go to Mexico for the Holiday Season


    Leave all the craziness and consumer frenzy behind and escape to paradise. The modern world of consumerism and greater demands on working families means that Christmas can be a chore rather than a pleasure. Booking a trip to Mexico over the Holiday Season means that you can simply leave everyone else to their plans and stresses and enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest.


    By the time December arrives you already know what you are in for over the next few months. Breaking up the cold weather with a vacation in the sun is always a good remedy to ensure you can make it through the winter without fully hibernating. The climate in beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto as well as Cancun are pleasant at any time of the year, with the winter months enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures.

    3. COST

    While vacations will cost you money, once you have calculated all the presents, food, drink, taxis and the like, you might find that it doesn’t cost that much more to take a vacation in Mexico. Once you are there, the prices of gourmet cuisine are cheap by comparison to home and your money will go a lot further.

    4. Direct Flights

    The winter months are actually considered high season in the coastal destinations and for that reason you will find many direct flights from a great number of cities in the United States and Canada. Their regularity also means that your holiday plans can be more flexible.

    5. Mexicans Know How to Celebrate

    Besides being one of those countries whose hospitality and friendliness is famed, in Mexico, you are guaranteed a good time and the holiday season is no exception with any excuse for a party.  Celebrating Christmas Day will be a pleasure and pretty straight forward to organize as Mexicans celebrate their big dinner on Christmas Eve, meaning that you will easily be able to reserve in your favorite restaurant.