Villa Group Timeshare Complaints

Are Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints Legitimate?

Mexico is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourism. As a result, many resorts and hotels in Mexico offer travelers vacation club memberships for those who want to always guarantee their loved ones have wonderful vacations. When you join, you will be prepaying for future vacations, but at a price that […]

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Puerto Vallarta

The Background to Villa del Palmar Brand

The Villa del Palmar brand is one known to be trustworthy and high-quality in Mexico. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that it was created, and is operated, by one of the most trusted and excellent timeshare providers in the world: Villa Group Resorts (majority owned by Tafer Hotels & Resorts). This […]

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Adeprotur Ensuring an Ethical Timeshare Industry in Puerto Vallarta

With a lifetime goal of seeing the timeshare industry develop and flourish to the best it can possibly be, Adeprotur acts as a cohesive organization working to see this ambitious goal turn into reality in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Through a strict implementation and application of a laid out ethical code and commercialization standards, the timeshare […]

Has anyone booked Cabo All Inclusive with Discount Vacation Hotels?

Reviews suggest that Discount Vacation Hotels offer some of the best deals on the internet for accommodations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For $399 a family of four can stay for 5 nights 6 days all inclusive. They claim to guarantee their prices and that if you find anything of a lower price for another […]