A great place to enjoy a vacation during the summer is Puerto Vallarta. When it comes to tourism, the summer months are the low season. Would you like a nice vacation without crowds?

If so, the summer and fall seasons are when PV isn’t as crowded making it a great time to vacation in the area. In Banderas Bay, the rainy season also occurs during the summer. At that time, visitors are speechless by the famous lightning shows over Banderas Bay.

If you are not sure where to stay in PV, check out Villa Group Resorts. They have top amenities, accommodations, and services. At this time, they have vacation package deals so you can vacation in style and stay on budget, too.

They also have a timeshare ownership program as well if you want to save money on travel expenses over time. Meanwhile, read below about PV’s famous lightning shows. 

PV’s Famous Lightning Shows

Summer has officially arrived in Banderas Bay and that means there will be heat and humidity. During summer is when the rainy season and impressive lightning shows will occur. Many of the local flora stay dormant during the winter as they have stored water in their roots due to the dry weather.

When the summer rains happen, Puerto Vallarta once again becomes lush, tropical, and beautifully green. Although it is the rainy season, the days are usually sunny as the storms don’t start until late afternoon or evening.

That way, visitors can still have a wonderful vacation and soak up the sun while enjoying a refreshing tropical storm in the afternoon or at night. 

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PV’s Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

When you are enjoying your vacation, why not skip the beach just for one day and head to the local swimming holes that are excellent places for a nice swim and to cool off? The summer rain storms supply the waterfalls and swimming holes with plenty of water.

Wondering where to go? The El Salto waterfall and swimming hole are one of the most popular ones to visit. You can hike there or take an ATV tour, too.

There is also a steep rock ledge if you want to add adventure to your swimming hole experience, and you can jump down to the refreshing water below.

The Palo Maria waterfall is another popular waterfall that is located about 10 minutes south of downtown PV. You can enjoy a nice morning hike to get to the waterfall and take in the natural beauty as well. 

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PV’s Lightning Displays

The thunder and lightning storms are well known in Puerto Vallarta. Many people say that there isn’t anything more stunning than watching the lightning and thunder over Banderas Bay.

If you are staying at the Villa Group Resorts, you can watch the lightning displays on your private balcony. Beachfront residences have large balconies with plenty of space to spread out. They also have amazing onsite amenities and services, too.

In addition to enjoying the views from your resort balcony,  you can also head to the Malecon boardwalk and enjoy dinner and cocktails to watch the lightning displays. There are numerous restaurants and bars to choose from, and it won’t be crowded as this is low season in PV.

What to Know About Villa Group Timeshares.

Summer has arrived and that means the rainy season has too. Are you ready to book a vacation to Puerto Vallarta? Why not book your stay at one of the Villa Group Resorts? They have several resorts in the area such as Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, and Villa La Estancia.

There isn’t anything more beautiful than watching PV’s famous lightning shows over Banderas Bay. It won’t be too long until you will be enjoying a Puerto Vallarta vacation. Also, they have a quality timeshare ownership program for qualified travelers, too.

Also known as a vacation club membership members get to save money on travel costs over time by prepaying for future trips at low rates.

Plus, they love knowing that every vacation will be perfect because Villa Group Resorts have the best accommodation and amenities, too. Give them a call to learn more about their special deals on vacation packages!

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