Can you trust Timeshare Advisors?

There are various reasons why you may have arrived to this post about timeshare advisors; hopefully you are looking at this topic because you are thinking about buying a timeshare, not because you have been involved in a timeshare scam. Timeshare advisors can be be very useful. Just as you have arrived to this post, looking at the blogs and websites of other timeshare advisors is a good idea, as is reading more of the articles here on this blog.

Can you trust timeshare advisors?

Can you trust timeshare advisors?

Yes and no! Coming from a timeshare advisor, this answer may seem contradictory but not all “timeshare advisors” are what they seem. Many scams involve fraudsters pretending to be timeshare advisors, timeshare lawyers or timeshare attorneys, charging a lot of money for specific advice.

For general advice about timeshare, you are best to search the internet for timeshare advisor websites and blogs, like this one, and scan all the free advice you can get. There really is nothing that a paid timeshare advisor or timeshare lawyer can tell you about timeshare that you can’t find out for yourself for free on the internet. Therefore, if a timeshare advisor wants to charge you money, beware.

Obviously, in some cases, you will need to pay a timeshare lawyer or advisor if you have been involved in a scam. In those cases, search very carefully for the right company and avoid any pop-up windows on timeshare forums etc that are paid adverts. Some of these companies cost you more than the original scam! Seek advice from those who will give it for free and ask around for the best timeshare lawyers.

Another time when you may need a timeshare advisor is if you have been involved in a timeshare resale scam. In these cases, you should report the scam to a reputable association such as the American Resort Development Association, where you may be given some further advice as to how to solve your timeshare problem.

So, the answer to whether you can trust timeshare advisors is … sometimes! Compare timeshare advisor websites first and then make your judgements.

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