The initials UVCI mean Universal Vacation Club International and are used to refer to the timeshare exchange network that manages the timeshare resort properties of Mexican based timeshare developers, The Villagroup Timeshare so that members can exchange their units for other destinations within the resort family. Operating since 1984, UVCI is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation that has made a positive impact on the timeshare industry in Mexico, ensuring that members can make the most out of their purchases.

Becoming a member with Universal Vacation Club International means that you have a choice of membership level. Your membership status will determine if you have rights only to your own particular timeshare week and type of property or if you can exchange your unit for any of the resorts offered by The Villa Group. In addition, being a member of Universal Vacation Club facilitates your access to destinations around the world by their affiliation with RCI and Interval International.

    Exchange Destinations Offered by UVCI:

  • Puerto Vallarta: Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Mar
  • Riviera Nayarit: Villa del Palmar Flamingos
  • Cancun: Villa del Palmar Cancun
  • Cabo San Lucas: Villa del Palmar Cabo, Villa del Arco Los Cabos
  • Loreto: Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto


UVCI has a number of different membership types to suit your level of usage, budget and loyalty.

Floating Week Membership

In this timeshare membership type, you own the rights to use your timeshare during a selected season or certain period during the year.

Fixed Week Membership

As opposed to a floating week, your timeshare week is fixed to the same time every year, guaranteeing you access to your property during that time.

Biennial Membership

You have the option with UVCI of joining as a biennial member, which gives you similar rights to standard members only every other year.

Premier or Gold Membership

You buy the right to choose between whichever of the Villagroup resorts you like as long as UVCI has availability at the time of reservation. This membership allows you to split your week or weeks both in terms of dates as well as destinations. You can manage your vacation properties according to your ever changing needs.

Villa Preferred Access

The most flexible membership program is Villa Preferred Access that translates the value of timeshare properties into points that can be used flexibly throughout all the resorts in the UVCI inventory. You can be flexible about your dates, locations and types of accommodations so long as you have enough points. You can also bank and borrow points to ensure your vacations are as wonderful as you wish them to be.

Elite Programs (Elite Four Star, Elite Five Star and Elite Residence Club)

Villa Preferred Access members are offered the chance to extend their membership and join the Elite Program that gives extra advantages and privileges depending on how many points are purchased.