Bizarre Timeshare Locales

Would you like to know some information on some of the most bizarre timeshare locales? You are probably familiar with standard timeshares that are located in warm, sunny climates in beach towns, but you may not be familiar with the more odd timeshares available. If you are ready to be adventurous on your vacation and you want a vacation experience that is different, then continue to read below to learn about the bizarre timeshare locales.

America Train Timeshares

Another interesting timeshare is on a train that actually travels and moves. The America Train Timeshares provides shared fractional ownerships their very own private rail car. The America Train Timeshares is also known as Train Share and the train travels to each coast of the United States. Some of the Train Share trains also travel to Canada. There are activities that members can enjoy such as going golfing or hiking, and the activities will depend upon the specific train route that you choose. The Train Share Timeshare rail car has six bedrooms with private bathrooms, entertainment areas, and a private lounge. One of the benefits of the America Train Timeshares is the beautiful scenery that changes as the train makes it path along its route. You can enjoy the countryside beauty while you are in your private rail car with comfort and luxuries at your fingertips.

Canal Boat Club Timeshares

Is a timeshare vacation on the open seas have you intrigued? Yet does spending your vacation on the open ocean make you a little nervous? There is another option that can provide you with a vacation on water with less risk than the ocean faring timeshares. The Canal Boat Club Timeshares have narrow boats that are low-slung and they cruise the canals in Britain and they set sail from eight different marinas throughout the United Kingdom. The narrow boats can comfortably sleep up to six people, but you also have to provide a captain to pilot the boat. There are many amenities onboard, which will make this unique type of vacation even more enjoyable.

Sondela Nature Reserve Timeshares

If you want to become one with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle, then you can experience an authentic African Bush vacation in Warmbaths, South Africa. The Sondela Nature Reserve Timeshare is located on a nature reserve and it is approximately 90 minutes from Johannesburg, South Africa. The timeshare provides numerous tours such as horseback riding and safari adventures in the wildlife. Does this sound too wild for you? If it does, then you can still go on this timeshare vacation and go to a casino that is near or sit by the swimming pools to relax.

TradeWinds Yacht Timeshares

TradeWinds Yacht Timeshares specialize in providing an upscale cruise where timeshare members will have their very own captain onboard and a personal chef for all the cooking. If you have ever wanted to spend your vacation on the open seas, then you can do it with TradeWinds Yacht Timeshares. Visitors can enjoy ocean activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. All you will have to do is jump right in the water. The TradeWinds Yacht Timeshares are partnered with numerous resort companies where you can enjoy an adventurous and luxurious vacation floating on the open seas in Panama, Caribbean, the French Polynesian Islands, Belize, Turkey, and Greece.

Treehouse Villa Timeshares

In Orlando, Florida a new and popular timeshare can be found. The Treehouse Villa Timeshares have been created and are located in Belize, Orlando, and Thailand. Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa offers treehouse timeshares that are not far from home. The treehouses have three bedrooms and they are built ten feet from the ground up. The treehouses are located on the Sassagoula River and the amenities and services can be used by the timeshare members.

Fitzpatrick Castle Timeshare

The Fitzpatrick Castle Timeshare has a rich history as it dates back to 1740. The Fitzpatrick Castle is located in Killiney, Ireland and visitors will enjoy ancient history along with modern amenities that visitors will appreciate. Visitors will be able to take advantage of the beauty salon, indoor swimming pool, sauna, spa, and an excellent bar and restaurant. There is a smaller complex on the property that provides nine units for timeshare members and each of these units come with a fully operating kitchen with modern electronics, too. Visitors can get to the Fitzpatrick Castle by traveling just nine miles from Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and all visitors will step back in time to live like royalty.

Did you enjoy the bizarre timeshare locales provided about? Are you interested in any of them? If you are, then which ones are you most interested in?


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