What to Expect of the Weather in Loreto

So, you are planning a vacation to Loreto and are probably wondering what clothes to pack and what the weather is going to be like. You will be pleased to know that Loreto is celebrated for its warm climate and abundance of sunny days. It is a great location to escape the cold winters of the northern hemisphere and to kick back and relax during the summer.


The climate in Loreto is officially described as desert which basically means that the climate is generally quite dry and temperatures drop at night. In the summer you can expect temperature around 88ºF (33ºC), with an average low of 77ºF (28ºC). In winter, temperatures fluctuate between 82ºF (25ºC) and 61ºF (14ºC). What this means is that during the day, Loreto offers beach weather no matter what the season.


You can expect sunny days whatever date you arrive and the skies are in fact clearest during the winter months and cloudiest during summer. The lowest number of daylight hours in winter is just under 11 while the summer months see almost 14 hours of daylight.


There is no official rainy season in Loreto and it can rain at any time of the year. However there is only an average 12 percent chance of rain which is usually classified as light or drizzle. It is a rare case where rain ruins your vacation in Loreto.


Loreto does not tend to suffer much during the Hurricane season from June to November and may experience tropical storms now and again. The wind is usually a very light breeze, making for a pleasant vacation.


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