What should I take to Mexico on vacation?

When you begin to plan your vacation to beautiful Mexico you should start a ‘to do’ list. The ‘to do’ list will remind you what you need to take with you to Mexico on vacation, and depending on the vacation that you will be taking in Mexico is what will decide the items you will be taking.

If I am going on vacation to a beach in Mexico, what should I pack?

Beach Vacations

Are you going to vacation at one of the popular beach locations in Mexico for just one week, two of longer? What should you plan on packing? If the beach locations that you will be vacationing are in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, then you don’t have to worry too much about your packing, because there are plenty of malls, stores or a pharmacy that you can pick up any items that you forget.

In fact, you should plan on packing very light, so you have plenty of room in your suitcase for souvenirs. You can pick up beach t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, and all kinds of neat items that will remind you of your trip to Mexico. Mexico is also renowned for stunning pottery, textiles and other types of folkart.

What should I take to Mexico on vacation

If I am going to vacation backpacking in Mexico, what should I pack?

A backpacking Mexico vacation is different packing than a beach vacation. You will want to pack items to meet the weather conditions that occur in the Northern Mountains in Mexico. The beach weather is warm and humid while the mountains are cool and sometimes wet, which will require warmer outfits and gear. One easy thing to do is wear several layers of outfits along with waterproof items. A raincoat is a great thing to pack along with hiking boots or shoes, but don’t forget to pack a pair of sandals or flip flops, just in case you have to shower in a public shower. You will also want to pack a towel, because many of the backpacker style hotels don’t supply towels or shampoo.

Necessary items to bring on a Mexico Vacation

Daily medication that will last you the entire time of your vacation such as; inhalers, birth control, blood pressure, and any EpiPens. The pharmacies in Mexico may not carry the brand of your medication, so you should always bring enough with you.
Magazines, books, and a tablet that is in English. If you have to purchase any of these reading materials in Mexico, then you will pay more money for them to be written in English.

Sunscreen and lotions. If you are allergic to lotions or sunscreen, then you should make sure you bring your own, because these items may not be easily found in Mexico.

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