wirikuta botanical park

Want to go on some adventures in the sea or desert? Here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you won’t just find beautiful parks, there are tours as well to thrill you no end and guaranteed pure family entertainment and fun.

(Avenida Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas)

A relatively small park, but good enough to offer some recreation like strolling or lying on blankets under its shaded parts and enjoying a good family picnic. Let your kids play some football on its open spaces or play hide and seek around the tall, large trees. Take a nap and rest before going on a visiting rampage in the museums and shops around Cabo San Lucas.

(Puerto Los Cabos, Los Cabos)

Lovely fountains and palapas are very impressive here at Wirikuta Botanical Park. But the main attraction of this park is the extensive species of plants that mostly consist of desert plants and cacti. You can take a tour of the place and take some pictures as souvenirs. Have a walk along a stretch of carefully planted botanicals as you smell the fresh air emanating from it. Your kids will surely enjoy having fun while learning about plants at the same time. This park has been a venue for countless press shoots involving top models and actors.

(Paseo San Jose, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo, San Lucas)

Offers great opportunities for birdwatching and to get away from the beaches and bars. Gulls, herons and ducks are some birds you can find here. There are also egrets, waterfowls and ospreys. There is no place in San Lucas where you will see a larger concentration of birds other than San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary. An escape from the stressful and boisterous city life.

(Highway 1, Melia Cabo Real, Cabo San Lucas)

Here you can enjoy the wonders of the Cabo desert with all the adventure it offers. Explore its mountains and large desert on a 4WD tour or horseback. It may be a bumpy ride, but the thrill and fun is worth it. Restaurants and eateries here serve authentic Mexican dishes to satisfy your cravings.

(Highway 1, National Park, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas)

The sun shines intensely here, so you might as well bring your parasol with you. Snorkeling and diving are just two fun activities you could do, with the best areas for swimming and beautiful beaches. Clear blue waters and flour like sand will give you that tremendous beach feeling. Kayaking and canoeing facilities are also available. So indulge and have fun and you will never forget your stay here in Cabo Pulmo National Park.