Great news for those who have a vacation booked at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos! The resort was virtually unaffected by Hurricane Odile when it passed last month, leaving only the essential task of cleaning up the resort so that it was sparkling once again for its guests and members.

How was Villa del Palmar Los Cabos Affected by Hurricane Odile?

Heavy rain and strong gales left Villa del Palmar Los Cabos in a wet and windy position during Hurricane Odile’s passing, yet guests who remained at the resort during the hurricane were in no danger thanks to the expertly constructed facilities and resort towers. Reviews from guests who stayed at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos while the hurricane passed through the area commended the resort and staff for making their stay comfortable and as upbeat as possible under the circumstances. The majority of guests staying at Villa del Palmar Cabo were aided in their return home before Hurricane Odile made land but those who couldn’t get flights home were safe inside the resort.

As soon as the hurricane’s effects had subsided, Villa del Palmar Cabo were back in action, with one of the restaurants fully operational. The resort has its own generator, so electricity was restored days before the rest of Cabo San Lucas had power. This helped Villa del Palmar speed up its clean up operation to get the resort back in perfect working order for when visitors returned to Cabo San Lucas when the first fights returned to the area. Once the airport was up and running, Villa del Palmar Los Cabos was among the first resorts to welcome guests.

If you were to arrive at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos today, you would find it hard to believe that the area had been hit by a category 3 hurricane. Local agents have been quick to get the town looking as wonderful as before, all the nightclubs are open, and the beaches are making a quick recovery. The beach at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos is already looking stunning. That’s great news for Cabo, one of Mexico’s best loved vacation destinations.