Mexico Timeshare Scams Update

Are you looking to learn more about Mexico timeshare scams with the Villa Group? Are you curious if a vacation club or timeshare membership with the Villa Group is a scam or a good investment? In fact, the Villa Group is one of the most reputable resort providers in Mexico with over 30 years of proven performance and high standards of customer service. They have thousands of satisfied members and vacation club owners that are happy they decided to become members. While Villa Group timeshare scams are possible, today they are almost always associated with third party companies who are illegally using the prestigious companies name. Want to avoid scams and stay safe? If so, read our 2021 tips about avoiding Mexico timeshare scams.

  1. Mexico Timeshare Scams at Villa Group: Villa Group Resorts is a reputable vacation club provider that offers a great value for individuals wanting to join a quality vacation club in Mexico. Today, Villa Group Resorts have properties in the top tourist destinations in Mexico including Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. In 2021, Mexico timeshare scams at Villa Group rarely occur. Since the resort is a genuine and honest company, any Mexico timeshare scams that happen these days are associated with third party companies who are not using the company’s name legally. In addition, some new and existing vacation club members did not carefully read their Villa Group membership contract at the time they signed. By doing so, that allows the potential for confusion down the road due to a lack of clarity regarding terms and rules of their membership. Want to avoid any confusion or the potential for fraud related to Mexico timeshare scams? If you do, keep reading below to learn more tips on how to stay safe.
  2. Do Not Use Outside Scammers: The number one most effective approach to prevent Mexico timeshare scams at Villa Group is to always work directly with the resort. You can completely avoid any issues or scams if you only purchase your vacation club membership directly from the respected company. Be cautious if you are ever approached by a sales representative on the street during your vacation, and make sure you clarify who they truly work for. Villa Group legitimate sales reps are issued official ID’s that they can show prospective clients. Next, if a vacation club salesperson invites you on a property tour of a Villa Group Resort, but then insists you move offsite to sign a new membership contract, be very wary. This is a sure sign that you are dealing with a scammer. Scammers will try to get you off the property in order to sign a membership contract, while legitimate team members conduct all business on the property. Unfortunately, there are scammers that pose as employees of a legitimate resort and vacation club provider such as the Villa Group even though they are not actually associated with the company at all. Often times, scammers will even try to operate a Villa Group timeshare scam by attempting to sell a membership that doesn’t even exist. To stay safe and avoid issues, only work directly with the company to prevent problems and undue stress.
  3. Timeshare Resale Scams to Avoid: Another Mexico timeshare scam to avoid in 2021 relates to resale scams. A resale scam occurs when an outside party contacts an existing club member, and tries to convince them they have a buyer that wants to purchase their old timeshare membership. They charge scam victims an upfront fee for a service, and never actually provide any help at all. Instead, they only take the victim’s money and then promptly disappear. Sadly, some Villa Group timeshare owners have been duped into becoming resale timeshare scam victims in the past when they were tricked into paying the upfront fee to an outside party. To avoid this from happening to you, never work with outside parties. That way, you can keep your investment safe now and in the future.

The best approach to avoid Mexico timeshare scams at Villa Group is to only purchase your vacation club membership directly from the company. This will keep you safe from a Villa Group timeshare scam happening to you. If a third party company is involved, you run the potential risk of becoming a timeshare scam victim. Remember, you can keep your investment safe and avoid Mexico timeshare scams when you purchase your vacation club membership directly from the Villa Group, and only work with them regarding any questions or concerns about your membership.

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