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Visit Mexico! Book with Discount Vacation Hotels

Many people are anticipating enjoying a well deserved vacation after being stuck at home due to the COVID-19 crisis. As travel restrictions are beginning to lift, are you thinking about booking your mexico vacation? If you are, then why not book a vacation to warm and sunny? Discount Vacation Hotels at 877-606-0014 is an online […]


Destinations for Beach Vacations in Mexico

What do the best destinations for beach vacations in Mexico all have in common? Well, the first thing has to be beaches, right? Then weather, gastronomy, great hotels and a variety of attractions and activities. So lets take a look at the top Mexico destinations for beach vacations according to these criteria:

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Vacation Properties and Beach Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

The market for buying vacation property and beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is extremely healthy and is a great investment no matter what you budget. There are many reasons why Puerto Vallarta is an ideal location for investing in properties for beach rentals, as explained below.

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