COVID Test for Traveling (2021 Update) – Canada and US Travel Restrictions

Are you planning a vacation in Mexico soon? If so, then you need to know that there have been new regulations that the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued with the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC will start requiring on January 26th that all travelers that want to enter the United States by air must provide a negative COVID-19 test. With mass testing required, the hope is that the risk of the virus transmission from air passengers will be diminished. Likewise, you can reduce the COVID-19 virus spread by having a COVID test done prior to traveling to ensure you are healthy. These measures are designed to help protect traveler’s health. Continue to read below to learn the 2021 update for COVID test for traveling.

January 26, 2021: COVID Test for Traveling Required

On January 26, 2021 the CDC is requiring that every person that plans on entering the United States must provide a COVID test that is negative. The test is required for all air travelers that enter the United States. Official documentation of a negative COVID test result completed within the last 72 hours will be needed at the airport before passengers are allowed to board their plane. If anyone contracted the COVID virus while on vacation, then they will need to provide a COVID negative test result. Airlines are requiring that all passengers have a negative test, so they can board the airplane. If anyone does not provide that test, then they will not be able to board their flight. To prevent traveling delays, Americans should make sure they schedule an antigen COVID test ahead of time. Canada is also requiring people that want to enter Canada must provide a negative PCR COVID test as well.

CDC Information for COVID Testing

Mexico isn’t currently requiring a COVID test to enter their country, but the CDC is recommending all people traveling get tested beforehand. If this is done, it will help by reducing the virus from being spread to others that are sick while traveling. The CDC is also asking that people who have been on vacation get a COVID test when they get home along with refraining from any type of outings for one week. Why? If someone on their vacation came in contact with the virus, a test and refraining from outings will reduce transmitting it to other people. Also, if you are not feeling well, then do not try to go on vacation or board an airplane. If you do, you are putting other people’s lives at risk and contributing to the global pandemic we are working to overcome.

Who is the CDC?

Who is the CDC? The CDC is the Center for Disease and Presentation Control, which is an organization that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. This organization protects the wellbeing, safety, and security of the American people. The CDC is working very hard to provide safety regulations during the COVID pandemic. As different COVID strains are emerging, it is very important to follow new regulations as they are issued. In the United States, the hospitals are overflowing with patients and new cases. The COVID test requirements for all people traveling by plane will hopefully slow the virus transmissions that occur from air passengers. Today, more and more people are being vaccinated in America which should help slow the crisis as well.

We have just provided important COVID tests for traveling information. If you ar feeling sick, please do not try to travel. When you are on vacation, make sure you practice social distancing along with wearing face masks in public areas. Remember, you will need to take a COVID test before you are able to fly home from your Mexico vacation. You will have to also show a negative COVID test that was completed within the last 72 hours before you can reenter the United States and Canada. The US requires a negative antigen test, and Canada wants the full PCR test. If you need a great place to stay on your Mexico vacation, then contact the Villa Group Resorts! They have safety protocols in place so guests can enjoy wonderful getaways while still being responsible.


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