el arco

If there is one thing that distinguishes Cabo San Lucas from other idyllic Baja Californian beach destinations, it would have to be El Arco at Land’s End. This distinctive landmark that rises from the water where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet is a favorite for postcards and photo opportunities.

El Arco is the Spanish name for the arching rock formation that can be seen from Cabo San Lucas and its surrounding areas. The English name is Land’s End, which is supposed to have come about because if you draw a straight line south on a map from Land’s End, you will not meet land again until you arrive to the Antarctic. The good news for beach and sun worshipers is that the South Pole temperatures are nothing like the balmy sunny climate of Cabo San Lucas.

Land’s End is not just a feature to be seen at a distance, although it brightens the skyline for everyone staying in Cabo San Lucas. You can take tours of the arch and even go diving or snorkeling there, where you will enjoy lots of wonderful sea life and colorful tropical fish. Land’s End is famed for its sea lions, turtles and bombing pelicans. You can also bask on the beach there, with two main sandy beaches called Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach both linked by a cave tunnel. Lover’s beach is great for swimming in the sea while visitors are warned not to go into the water on Divorce Beach because of its strong tides and currents.

Getting to El Arco is easy enough. There are many organized tours, which you can arrange in your hotel or through an official tour agent, or you can arrive independently. You can charter a private yacht or small fishing boat to take you to Land’s End or go by water taxi, which leave from Cabo San Lucas Marina.

El Arco at Cabo San Lucas is a day out that comes highly recommended for all the family.