Have you Been Scammed by Fake Tech Support?

Have you been scammed by fake tech support? Scammers are using more intrusive ways to target innocent people. Fake tech support scams have been around for many years, yet they are still catching people out. Have you been scammed by fake tech support? If you would like to know how to prevent this scam from happening to you, then continue to read below:

Tech scammers
This particular type of scam is based around malware (a software that damages and disable computers). A fake support tech will contact you by email, telephone, or a messaging service and then you are lured into the fake tech support scam.

Support Staff Scammers
A fake tech support staff will contact you and claim that your computer or laptop has a problem that has been detected. The fake tech support staff may inform you that your computer or laptop is experiencing different problems such as system errors, licensing issues, and a blank screen. You will be ask to pay a fee for the repairs and this is how the scam happens. An elaborate scam is when the fake tech will ask you to allow them to have access to your computer or laptop so they can repair the problems, and this is when your important information that you thought was secure is now not.

Website scams
Many of the common scams are on websites that are hosted. You might be browsing and searching for information on a particular topic when a pop up message occurs on your screen or you see a black screen. You think that your computer has just contacted a virus. A message will appear from Apple or Windows asking you to call a particular number, and this is when the scam starts. The number that you are asked to call may charge you a high fee or the fake tech support will just try to get access to your computer for a large fee.

Have you been scammed by fake tech support? Microsoft suggests:
• Uninstall and turn off all remote management tools on your computer.
• Use your antivirus to clean your computer.
• Make sure your computer has all the updates including the security ones.
• All passwords should be changed immediately.
• Report the fake tech support scam with your credit card providers.
• Be aware and watch activity on your computer.
• Reset your computer.

Reference Microsoft Support

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