Couple enjoying villa del palmar vacation club in the pool

Mexico Villa del Palmar Vacation Club

Just about everyone would love a vacation home in Mexico, wouldn’t they? Plus, just about anyone would jump at the chance to enjoy a luxurious vacation, too. Sadly, not everyone can make that dream come true due to their finances. However, did you know that there is an affordable way to enjoy a vacation home? […]

timeshare upgrades membership

Timeshare Upgrades: What to Know

Have you purchased a Villa Group vacation ownership membership and want to know more about how you can make the most of your investment? Depending on what level of timeshare membership you acquired, you may benefit from upgrading your timeshare to have more flexibility and enjoy more services than a standard membership. Read below to […]

timeshare reviews for Villa del Palmar

Timeshare Reviews for Villa Del Palmar

Why do some people seem to go on the best vacations at the best resorts regularly, yet you never can find an affordable hotel? Do these people know something that you don’t? Perhaps they have purchased a Villa del Palmar timeshare so they can go on the best vacations at the best resorts in Mexico. Here […]