Timeshare Upgrades: What to Know

Have you purchased a Villa Group vacation ownership membership and want to know more about how you can make the most of your investment? Depending on what level of timeshare membership you acquired, you may benefit from upgrading your timeshare to have more flexibility and enjoy more services than a standard membership. Read below to find out more about timeshare upgrades and how it may be a smart choice for you and your family.

How Timeshare Memberships Vary: There are varying levels of timeshare membership with every timeshare provider. If you happen to see complaints about some owners having difficulty booking time at their timeshare, it is very likely that it is due to the level of membership they acquired. Depending on how far in advance you make your vacation plans, members that have the lowest level of membership may find that the best units are not available for the dates they prefer since the best units are most popular. If you find that you have difficulty scheduling time at your timeshare, definitely avoid trying to cancel your membership and instead consider an upgrade so you can obtain more status and flexibility to use your timeshare when you want to.

New Timeshare Members: Are you new timeshare member and having difficulty scheduling your first vacation? Most likely, the most popular and in demand units are already pre-booked for the remainder of the year and possibly into the next year. However, don’t become alarmed and assume you have fallen victim to a timeshare scam if this happens to you. The best way to schedule your vacations is to plan ahead and start scheduling your vacations as far out as you can. Some timeshare cancellation companies will try to convince you otherwise, and will even claim they can help you cancel your membership. However, beware of third party companies who are not associated with your genuine vacation ownership provider. Often times, these scammers will charge you an upfront fee and not actually help you at all. The better choice is to always address any issues or concerns directly with your legitimate timeshare provider. If you have difficulty scheduling vacations, consider upgrading to a higher level of membership that will offer you a better chance at securing the best units and dates that work for you.

Timeshare Upgrades: What to Know:

  • Often times an upgrade is the best timeshare solution to help individuals make the most of their vacation investment. With an upgrade, you will obtain more flexibility and choice within your legitimate and reputable vacation ownership provider.
  • Make sure you stick with your existing provider, and see what upgrade options are available for you.
  • Definitely avoid attending a sales presentation at another timeshare provider, which could possibly set you up to purchase a second membership and not a true upgrade. This is as common mistake that has occurred to existing owners in the past who mistakenly bought a second timeshare because they enlisted the help of another company.
  • You can avoid this by always working with your current provider to see what kind of upgrades are available. In addition to upgrading your membership, some timeshare providers offer in-house point systems where you can store your points for the future. Some even allow you to borrow points from future years so you can use them now to make a vacation even better.
  • The key to having the best timeshare membership you can, is to consider an upgrade to the highest level of membership so you can have the best service and options available for your vacations.

In conclusion, timeshare upgrades within your legitimate vacation ownership provider is a great way to make the most of your valuable vacation time. Always avoid any third party providers who claim to offer timeshare cancellation services. They are likely scammers, and you could end up with owning two memberships by mistake. In summary, always work with your existing timeshare provider to see what options are available for upgrades and higher level membership so you can make the most of your vacation investment.

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