Timeshare Presentations: Is It Right for You?

If you have vacationed in Mexico in the past, you were likely approached and invited to attend a timeshare presentation at some point during your stay. Some promoters can be found at the airport, others in popular tourist spots, and of course on site at the particular resort they are promoting. Many timeshare companies will give you free meals and tickets to activities to entice people to attend the timeshare presentation. Have you thought if attending a timeshare presentation is a waste of time or worth it? Read below to learn more so you can be informed.

Timeshare and Timeshare Presentations

If you are not sure what timeshares are, then you will be happy to hear that they are a wonderful investment that allows you to spends a specific period of time each year for vacations at top resorts. The vacation period of time is usually between one or two weeks. If you become a timeshare owner with a hotel or resort chain, you may even be able to use your allotted time at another location and destination to mix things up. To become a timeshare owner, there are requirements such as an initial deposit and paying monthly maintenance fees. The maintenance fees are very affordable, and they are used to keep the property and units operating properly. Although there may be a few downsides, many genuine vacation ownership providers often offer potential buyers with attractive incentives, which could be free entertainment event tickets and free hotel stays. Should you attend a timeshare presentation? Is it right for you?

Timeshare Presentation Cons

There is one important thing that everyone should consider before they agree to attend a timeshare presentation, which is if the deal seems too good to be true, then it more than likely is. To entice potential buyers to attend a ninety-minute timeshare presentation, some companies offer free entertainment tickets or free hotel stays. After the presentation has ended, many potential buyers are asked to go on a tour of the property. Did you know that only certain people are actually eligible to purchase a timeshare membership? Most timeshare companies want the buyer to be 25 or 30 years old, and their income must be at a certain level, and usually the relationship status is also considered. Married couples are usually selected and couples that have been together for a long time are eligible.

Assertive Sales Pitch

Many people don’t mind attending the 90-minute timeshare presentation so they can receive free tickets or trips. One thing these people should remember is the salespeople are trained to make a sale and they have high pressure tactics to use. The salespeople use a variety of assertive sale tactics, which includes keeping potential buyers longer than the 90 minutes so they become worn out, creating a false sense of urgency, and many more. Any concern or question that you have they can answer. If the salesperson doesn’t have any luck in selling a timeshare, they will have another salesperson help.

There are better situations than others and you should remember that every timeshare presentation and salespeople don’t use the same techniques. Anytime you agree to receive any free gifts from timeshare companies, it comes with obligations. Are you wanting to attend a timeshare presentation? Is it right for you and your current situation?

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