I have seen various comments asking about scams as some of you have received repeated missed calls that can be traced to Missed calls are sometimes a sign of a scam or some kind of phishing call, but in this case, is not a scam.

The good news about scams is that it is not a scam. is a legitimate travel agent that works via telesales and internet sales, which is why you may have seen a missed call. If you look at the website, you will see that offers vacation accommodation in the major beach destinations in Mexico. Rather than scams, you should be looking for discounts!’s specialty are destinations in Mexico. In comparison to other online travel agents you will find the cheapest rates for accommodations in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. The website promises the lowest prices on all inclusive or room only rates or they will match your price. Looking at the prices quoted on the website, it looks like it would be pretty difficult to compete with their prices, particularly when you see the high standard of the hotel accommodation they promote.

According to customer reviews on various websites like Tripadvisor,’s offers are the real deal and all you need do is return their call if you have missed the call and want to take advantage of a discounted vacation to Mexico.

So, the short explanation of scams is that there is no scam in sight!

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