Using Timeshare Points at Villa del Palmar

To explain how to use timeshare points at Villa del Palmar, you must first understand what timeshare points are. Newbies to timeshare may be surprised to know that timeshare has evolved a great deal since the first timeshare resorts were opened in the early 1980s. At first, you could only buy a week interval at one particular resort or vacation home, nowadays you can buy vacation points, which means you can stay both shorter and longer than a week.

With regards to Villa del Palmar timeshare, when you become a vacation ownership member you will join Villa Preferred Access, which is a timeshare points membership program. According to your level of membership and how many points you buy, you can use your annual points allowance to stay at accommodations in any of the Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico and any resorts that are developed in the future. At present Villa Preferred Access offers accommodations in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cancun, Loreto and Cabo San Lucas.

Using Timeshare Points at Villa del Palmar

When you reserve accommodation at your timeshare, points will be deducted according to the type of accommodation and the level of the resort you have chosen. This gives you greater freedom than the old style fixed week timeshare model which meant you had to use one week intervals at a time. Using timeshare points at Villa del Palmar means that you can stay as little as 2 days and as longs your points will stretch every year. Many Villa del Palmar timeshare members take more than one vacation a year despite only buying the equivalent points of one week!

The additional benefits of using timeshare points at Villa del Palmar is that you can bank any points you don’t use from one year to the next, with a maximum of 5 years (2 years if you are a biennial member). Being able to bank your Villa del Palmar timeshare points allows you to plan for special occasions, which means that you can stay longer or in a larger timeshare suite. Likewise, you do not lose any of your timeshare benefits if you cannot use all of your timeshare points one year. In a similar way, you can also borrow points to contribute towards a special vacation or to top up points that you need to cover all inclusive meal plans or pre-paid spa treatments.

In fact, thanks to Villa Preferred Access timeshare points at Villa del Palmar, you can use your points to pay for services other than accommodations. Your Villa del Palmar points can be used towards all inclusive meal plans, special services and spa treatments when pre-booked. Up to 50 of your yearly points allowance can be used towards services.

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