Discount Vacation Hotels

Discount Vacation Hotels is a budget vacation provider for deals in Mexico. It provides cheap all inclusive and room only packages at some of the top beach destinations in Mexico. Discount Vacation Hotels will find you the best deal for vacations to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Loreto in comparison to any other budget hotel provider.

Discount Vacation Hotels has a website that you can visit to choose the best package deals for your vacation to Mexico. Once you have an idea of where you would like to go, leave your details on the contact form on the their website so that Discount Vacation Hotels can contact you directly.

How is Discount Vacation Hotels so cheap?

One of the ways that Discount Vacation Hotels can guarantee the lowest prices for hotel packages in comparison to any of the major hotel chains is because it is a specialist company, only operating in key destinations in Mexico. The other reason that it can offer such discounted packages is because you are invited to attend a presentation. In some ways, you receive the discounted price in return for your time and attention.

Who can enjoy cheap vacations?

There is certain criteria that you need to meet to qualify for the discounts, which most households in the United States and Canada are likely to pass. If you have a regular income and a credit card and live in North America, you are likely to qualify.

Discount Vacation Hotels Destinations

This company focuses on great accommodations packages in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto.


Cancun is one of Mexico and Discount Vacation Hotels’ most popular destinations, offering sunshine, cultural sites such as the Mayan ruins, natural wonders such as cenotes and underground rivers and incredible nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta

Where the mountains and the Pacific ocean converge for elegant vacations, Discount Vacation Hotels offers great accommodation packages in Puerto Vallarta. Lots of adventure activities and great beaches to enjoy.

Cabo San Lucas

Desert climate and stunning beaches with a host of attractions, nightlife and restaurants to choose from. The unrivaled coastline with the El Arco landmark will make a memorable vacation for all the family as well as honeymooners.

The Islands of Loreto

The Islands of Loreto offer a more sophisticated, relaxing Mexico experience on the Sea of Cortez. You can enjoy a Discount Vacation Hotels accommodation package to stay in one of Mexico’s most beautiful marine parks.