Let’s be honest! We have all done it! Offer us a free breakfast or a complimentary gift and our bargain hunter psychological framework takes over. And that is just the way timeshare free gifts work. We all want something for nothing, and a freebie is always welcome. Timeshare promoters or OPCs will have a whole bag of things to offer you from discounts to restaurant vouchers; all you have to do is give up a couple of hours of your time.

Is the gift really free?

In actual fact, the answer to that question is relative. You are for all intents and purposes giving up time on your vacation to take a tour of a hotel or resort, no matter how amazing it is. So, in effect, your gift is payment for your time. In the case of legitimate timeshare tours and presentations, the gift is therefore free from any monetary cost and should be seen as a thank you for your time. However, there are cases of gift scams to be wary of where tourists end up paying for their gift in some way such as delivery, taxes, registration or to enter a “prize draw.”

Kinds of Genuine Gifts

The best way to gauge if you are heading into a scam or a hard sell is to consider the free gift in terms of profit margin. If the gift is so over the top you cannot imagine how the company can afford to give it away to everyone that attends a presentation, then the red lights should start to flash. Usually, reputable companies will offer discounts on tours and activities or give dinner vouchers to attract visitors, especially if the timeshare units are at luxury resorts worth visiting just for the sake of it.

How Long is the Presentation and Tour?

That will really depend on the resort, your guide and you. If you have lots of questions, then the presentation could last a lot longer, but most tours last only a few hours and won’t take up much more than a morning or afternoon. The time you are at the resort will also depend on whether you have been offered a free breakfast or lunch.