Things to Do for the Best Day Out on the Islands of Loreto

The Islands of Loreto form an amazing destination in Baja California that attracts American and Canadian visitors throughout the year. The definitive colonial architecture and the elegant coastline views are one of the top reasons why tourists love this location. Besides the obvious beauty of this location, the Islands of Loreto contain a host of activities worth any tourist exploring.

Things to do for the best day out on the Islands of Loreto

Go to the Local Farmer’s Market

Your hotel concierge in Loreto can give you directions on how to get to the Loreto Farmer’s Market, which is located north of Loreto in Mimar. You can take home some of the freshest fruits and vegetables, and you can try out some of the local recipes. This destination is definitely worth your while if you want to make the most of your best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

See Loreto’s Cave Paintings

The Loreto cave paintings are another activity that you won’t want to miss while on your vacation in Loreto. This UNESCO-protected site has cave paintings said to have been created over 1000 years ago and are a treat to see because of their definitive markings.

Things to Do for the Best Day Out on the Islands of Loreto

Touring the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez also has lots to offer concerning beauty and charm. The beaches have clean sand that makes them very popular among tourists. The marine life in the sea is also another attraction people love to explore while in this region. You can do fishing tours here and catch a variety of fish breeds (even tuna!). This destination should be one your priority picks for your best day out on the Islands of Loreto.

Tour the Loreto National Marine Park

The Sea of Cortez is not the only spot to check out marine life. The protected Loreto National Marine Park offers its own share of marine life and flora and will become a welcomed addition to your vacation – especially if you are an animal lover!

Taste the Beach Life

Touring the various islands of Loreto is a prized bonus for your best day out on the Islands of Loreto. Just north of Loreto in Bahía de Concepción (Conception Bay) are plenty of beaches just waiting to be explored. The famous beaches Playa La Perla and Playa Coyotes are awesome to visit in the late afternoon. You can also take a two and a half mile trip by small boat or kayak from Loreto to to reach Isla Danzante

Things to Do for the Best Day Out on the Islands of Loreto

Jesuit Mission and Museum

The 400 year old colonial-style Misión Nuestra Señora de Loreto is a symbol of Loreto’s best architecture. The nearby Mission Museum has several religious artifacts that will amaze history lovers.

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