Timeshare Cancellation – Beware Shills

Today, internet shills are as prevalent as internet trolls and equally as annoying. The two irritants on the web enjoy causing havoc for websites and blogs by adding comments to articles.Sadly, it would seem that both internet shills and internet trolls are not going away anytime soon. TripAdvisor and other similar websites are working hard at stopping these type of scammers from posting on their pages, but the bottom line is that all readers should remember that all the comments that they read maybe comments left by internet shills and trolls. The kinds of internet shills I am concerned with here on my website are the ones that promote timeshare cancellation companies. Anytime you run across articles about timeshare cancellation, you should beware of internet shills.

Want to know more about timeshare cancellation shills? Read on…

Timeshare Cancellation – Beware Shills

Many of us that are on the internet often are very aware of the activities of internet trolls who are always looking for a fight when they leave a comment. We all know that internet trolls leave an offensive comment just to get a response. While internet trolls are annoying and offensive, they tend to differ from internet shills in that they don’t get paid for doing this as they do it for their own personal amusement. On the other hand, there is an even darker element to internet shills as they have a particular purpose, for which they are paid. Yes! Internet shills are actually paid to go to different websites, articles, and forums to post comments. Why? You will find out more below…

How do timeshare cancellation internet shills work?

Taking the example of timeshare cancellation shills, you will find that some big cancellation fraudsters will pay people to leave comments in strategic chatrooms and conversations. They have their own shills on the payroll to make comments on both their own websites along with numerous timeshare complaint forums and blog post.

Timeshare Cancellation Shill Tactics

If you want to know how timeshare cancellation internet shills work, then continue to read on. It may surprise you on their tactics. The internet shills will leave damaging comments on a lot of different websites about timeshare companies. They also leave damaging comments on timeshare complaint forums and any timeshare websites where members are searching for assistance with their timeshare problems. Shills will target many of the popular and reputable timeshare companies because doing this will allow them to reach more people. The reason they do this is to create the impression that timeshares are scams, in order to encourage you to try to cancel your timeshare (which is not possible after the cooling-off period) using their fraudulent services.

Timeshare Cancellation shills work in pairs

Another fact that you may not know is that timeshare cancellation shills will oftentimes work together in pairs. One of the shills that is working for a timeshare cancellation scamming company will write a complaint about a top vacation club, then they will complain about their membership asking for any advice with their timeshare. The reputable timeshare company will be affected by this comment. The other shill will then respond to the comment and the shill will recommend the timeshare cancellation services for XXX. The other shill will continue to comment telling the poster that the timeshare cancellation company will be able to cancel their membership, but unfortunately the timeshare membership will not be able to be cancelled.

Here is an example of two internet shills:

Shill A: What can I do if I want to cancel my timeshare membership with Big Life Timeshare?
Shill B: If you want to cancel your timeshare, then you should contact Caribe Timeshare Solutions. This timeshare cancellation company was able to cancel my timeshare without me paying any upfront fees. I felt desperate like you do too. I was so happy I contacted them and used them for their services. You can too by following this link …

You understand and get the picture now. Sometimes, the first complaint and comment maybe left from a genuinely unhappy client, but usually the shill will be quick to offer advice and promote their own services. The timeshare cancellation company will have their shill reply and take advantage of this unhappy client.

How can I be sure that timeshare cancellation companies are scams?

It is a fact that there is no timeshare cancellation company available that can successfully cancel a timeshare membership once the cooling-off period has ended. These scamming companies are only out to take advantage of you and your money. They use all types of methods just to convince you that they are reputable and genuine, and they even create fake comments and reviews on timeshare forums and timeshare websites.

At the end of the day, everyone should beware of timeshare cancellations.

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