A Mexico Timeshare Nightmare

Beware, you could be walking into a Mexico timeshare nightmare! The dangers are very real and could have long-lasting effects on your happiness and state of mind. Here’s a honest list of the dangers that await to those who buy a timeshare in Mexico. You might find yourself wide-mouthed with surprise while reading.

Here are our top Mexico timeshare nightmares. Be sure to read until the end.

Weight Gain
That extra pounds you are in serious danger of gaining will be the result of all the delicious food that you will be eating in Mexico. The best remedy is burning some calories in your timeshare resort gym. You should get there as often as you can. (For some, we know that the gym is worse than any Mexico timeshare nightmare!)

Spending More Time with Your Spouse
Dream or nightmare? When you find spending more time in the company of your nearest and dearest a danger, the timeshare resort’s massage and spa parlor will give you that opportunity to be away for a while.

Jealousy from Friends
You don’t want your friends to make envious comments on your Mexico timeshare vacation photos or unfriend you on Facebook. The best solution to this particular Mexico timeshare nightmare danger is to have your friends join you in Mexico. By doing so, you are avoiding this nightmare and don’t have to worry about re-telling all the great moments you had.

Uneven Tan Lines
Every vacation spent under the sun has this dilemma. Spending your Mexico timeshare will also give the same skin nightmare. You will have to learn how to deal with tan lines. The solution is to make sure your tans are not wonky.

Too Much Smiling
Putting on extra face sunscreen will help ease out this Mexico timeshare nightmare. You will have more good times and more smiles under the sunshine, even if your wrinkles appear worse.

Who loves packing? Even more challenging than packing your own things for a week of Mexican vacation is to pack for the others such as your kids who will also be joining along. You can avoid this nightmare altogether by not investing in a timeshare.

Frozen or on the Rocks?
You will have to face a few crossroads while you visit Mexico. One of the questions will be whether you like your margarita frozen or on the rocks. Other trickier questions will arise like if you want a mango, tamarind, or strawberry margarita. These questions will make your mind swirl as you have always known that margarita is only made with lime. What a nightmare!

Making New Friends
You already have your friends and relatives that you constantly need to keep in touch with. Whenever you arrive to your home resort, you will be meeting a lot of friends resulting to more time wasted on Facebook just to make sure you have your updates for everyone to see.

Everyone Wants to Come with You
How about that? Now that they have known that you have bought a Mexico timeshare, they would all want to come with you. You can take care of this nightmare by asking them to attend a timeshare presentation so they can buy their own.

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