Your vacations are sure to take a turn for the fantastic when you join Villa del Palmar Cabo as a timeshare member. Your vacations and Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare are a combination made in tropical heaven and an investment opportunity you will be glad you didn’t miss.

What are the benefits of Villa del Palmar Cabo Timeshare?

Your vacations and Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare receive a host of benefits that are only afforded to Villa Group (and UVCI) members to ensure the best experiences in Cabo San Lucas. For example, your vacations at your Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare guarantee access to some of the best resort facilities in the area. Villa del Palmar Cabo boasts gourmet restaurants, large outdoor swimming pools, the largest spa in Cabo on three floors, a range of free resort activities as well as first class service by the beach. Your vacations and Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare are a match made in paradise.

Owning a Villa del Palmar timeshare gives you the chance to enjoy the benefits of Villa Preferred Access, which is a points timeshare scheme that allows you to plan your vacations exactly as you like them. You buy equivalent points to a timeshare week at a particular suite at Villa del Palmar Cabo and can then use those points to stay for a shorter period twice a year or even bank your points for the following year to stay for two weeks. Your vacations and Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare become totally flexible. Likewise, you can use those Villa Preferred Access points to pay for services like meal plans, spa treatments and the like, giving you additional benefits. That way, no point is ever lost.

Cabo San Lucas as a beach vacation destination is also another reason why vacations and Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare is such a great partnership. Cabo San Lucas is one of those glamorous destinations where the stars flee the paparazzi in search of idyllic beaches and stunning surroundings. You can join the stars and live the dream at Villa del Palmar Cabo. There are many outdoors activities to enjoy too. During the winter months when the whales come, whale watching tours are very popular. You can also see sea lions, seals and pelicans every day of the year at El Arco (Land’s End) which is just a water taxi ride away from Cabo San Lucas marina.

There are so many reason to choose Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare for your vacations, the best way to find out is by visiting Cabo San Lucas and seeing for yourself.