Want to be a Pirate in Cancun?

Vacations in Cancun will bring some of the best vacation experiences ever! And now you can even get the chance to be a pirate in Cancun! There are plenty of opportunities for you and your kids to be a pirate in Cancun, one of which is upon the Jolly Roger Pirate ship.

Want to be a Pirate in Cancun?

The Jolly Roger Pirate ship cruise and show is one of the top activities in Cancun and the perfect opportunity for your kids to be a pirate in Cancun. The pirate galleon leaves Playa Linda Pier in Cancun each night around sundown and delivers a superb evening of family entertainment. There is singing, music, dancing, sword-fighting and theater on board, and you are guaranteed a swashbuckling time.

Want to be a Pirate in Cancun?

When you get to the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship port, you will be greeted by the ship’s pirates, ready to lead you on a voyage of fun and adventure. Kids get to be a pirate in Cancun as soon as they step foot on the Jolly Roger. The show consists of a combination of games, dancing and a story of betrayal that is a thread throughout the show. When it is time for a little more adult humor, your pirate kids are taken on a treasure hunt for some more tailored kids’ time.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Show Cancun tickets include a three course meal and all you can drink. You will have a personal pirate who will keep serving you drinks all night and dinner is prepared and served in the belly of the galleon modeled on Columbus’ flag ship, the Santa Maria.

So, if you want to be a pirate in Cancun, get yourself to Playa Linda Pier to book tickets on Cancun’s most recommended pirate ship.

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