Top 5 Ways to Save Money in Cabo San Lucas

There are always ways to save money; most of the time we spend more than we need not out of necessity but out of laziness or disorganized thinking. While there are more than 5 ways to save money in Cabo San Lucas, below you will find the top 5 to help you make small changes that could save you money on your next vacation to Cabo.

1. Take Time to Shop Around for Discounts

One of the top 5 ways to save money in Cabo San Lucas happens before you even arrive. Booking with plenty of time will give you the opportunity to look for the cheapest deals. The internet is a great place to start your search for cheap vacations to Cabo, and you might also think about joining the mailing list of the hotels where you would like to stay. You will probably find you receive news of discounted rates if you have enough time to wait for the emails to arrive.

2. Book with a Budget Airline

Another advantage of planning your vacation to Cabo ahead of time is so that you can reserve airplane tickets with budget airlines. Flying cheaply is high on the list of ways to save money in Cabo San Lucas. Reduce your spending on flights and you will have saved yourself a lot of cash to spend in Mexico.

3. Choose All Inclusive

Top 5 Ways to Save Money in Cabo San Lucas

Contrary to what most people think when they see the all inclusive tariffs at top hotels, choosing an all inclusive package is one of the great ways to save money in Cabo San Lucas. Once you add up how much you would spend on eating in restaurants, you often find that all inclusive vacations are cheaper, especially if you have kids and can find a kids go free all inclusive deal.

4. Take Public Transport

Taking public transport rather than renting a car or taking taxis can help you to save money in Cabo San Lucas. Buses will add to your sense of adventure and save you more than a few dollars. Public transport also extends to water taxis to El Arco (Land’s End), which are much cheaper than paying for an organized tour or private boat hire.

5. Budget Your Spending

While you are in Cabo on vacation, pre-budgeting how much you can spend per day will help you to save money in Cabo San Lucas. Choosing an all inclusive package will help with pre-budgeting, but even if you have chosen a European plan or self-catering timeshare units, calculating how much you can afford to spend each day can make a big difference on your spending. When traveling with children, avoid the temptation of buying them everything they ask for by allocating them a vacation fund or allowance that they can use to spend as they wish.