Cancun’s Archeological Sites

Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsular are famed for the presence of numerous enigmatic Mayan ruins, temples and pyramids. The Mayan legacy was such that today visitors to Mexico continue to be fascinated by the civilization’s advances in architecture, mathematics, astrology, scientific measurements and written language.

Below is a list of some of the most prominent sites to visit during a vacation in Cancun.


El Rey – A small gathering of 46 structures including a main market stage and temple.

El Meco – A power site with interesting buildings, central temple and market square.


Chichen Itza – A Major Mayan city with grand central pyramid, temples, observatory, ball court and other structures.

Tulum – Set within an idyllic beach setting, this site boasts temples and other well preserved buildings. Was a trading center for jade and turquoise.

Coba – A large site with a tall pyramid set within a wooded jungle setting. Dates from around 700 to 1100 AD

Mayapan – An important fortified settlement whose main pyramid was modeled on the one at Chichen Itza.

Uxmal – An impressive set of sacred buildings and structures that dates from around 800 to 1000 AD.

Xcaret – Set on the coast, this site was once a trading port. Buildings are supposed to date as early as 200 to 600 AD and is now a protected park .

With so many sites of archaeological interest to choose from, you could make a whole vacation simply hopping from one Mayan ruin to the next!


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