PV Weather

Puerto Vallarta or PV as it is affectionately known is praised for its warm sunny weather throughout the year and is a popular destinations for those seeking to escape the cold northern hemisphere winters.

The climate in Puerto Vallarta is officially described as tropical savanna which basically means that summer is wet and winters are dry. Figures suggest that the average number of sunny days every year is around 320 with temperature ranging from 61ºF (16ºC) – 91ºF (33ºC), rarely going beneath 57ºC (14ºC) or higher than 93ºF (34ºC), making the weather very pleasant indeed for most beach vacations.

During what is considered the rainy season from May to October, you will see some impressive thunderstorms. However, once Puerto Vallarta’s rainy season gets underway to form a pattern, whether that be raining at night or a few hours early evening before clearing up, visitors can get into a rhythm to make the most of the sunshine. Temperatures are also at their highest during the wet season.

The key to remember when it comes to Puerto Vallarta’s weather is that you are more than likely going to have great weather when you visit and only the most unfortunately would experience more than a couple of days of bad weather.


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