Puerto Vallarta Tourism Boom

A welcome boom in hotel occupancy in Puerto Vallarta this summer was reported by Hotel News Resource August 2013 with reference to statistics published by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism. The report predicted that hotels and resorts in the port would experience 80% occupancy by the end of the high season. The increase in numbers comes in response to an ambitious marketing initiative to promote Puerto Vallarta in foreign countries throughout the world as well as nationally, and improved accessibility.

There have been a number of new routes introduced to Puerto Vallarta with more planned for 2014. Hotel News Resource reports that Delta now offer 9 daily direct flights from Los Angeles with new routes proposed for the US from St Louis, Philadelphia and JFK New York. Thomas Cook have also advertised package deals that will see flights arriving from London Gatwick and Manchester next year.

Puerto Vallarta has so much to attract visitors and it comes as no surprise that the cherished destination would bounce back after the global economic crisis saw a slump in its resort and hotel occupancy. Surrounded by lush mountains and stunning beaches, the port is set to deliver an exceptional vacation experience as well as first class services and infrastructure for many years to come.


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